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Diane Roberts

Lecturer in Mental Health and Practice
School of Nursing

Diane is a Lecturer in Mental Health and Practice within the School of Nursing. Diane is registered on the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a Mental Health Nurse. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher education Academy.

Diane teaches across pre-registration BSc and MSc nursing programmes in the School of Nursing. Diane is responsible for creating and facilitating, teaching and learning materials, within her scope of practice. Diane's role also has a focus on pastoral support; supporting student nurses through their learning journey, both academically and within practice.

Since qualifying as mental health nurse from UCLan in 1999, Diane has a range of experience working in mental health services. Diane's first post was working in a 30 bed acute mental health inpatient ward. Following this in 2001, Diane moved to work in a mental health rehabilitation unit: supporting patients in a recovery focused way towards independent living from secure services. Moving back to the NHS in 2003, Diane joined a team in LSCFT working in day services, duties incuded facilitation of group work with out-patients, such as anxiety management skills, clinical interventions, Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and health promotion. Diane's last role in 2007, before joining UCLan was working in a clinical treatment team. This role included organisation and facilitation of administering clinical interventions (ECT, Clozapine & antipsychotic administration) for patients in the community with a particular focus on physical health monitoring. Within this role Diane developed her special interest in ECT. Diane has been heavily involed in ECT delivery and quality improvement since 2003, taking over as lead ECT nurse in East Lancashire in 2014. Diane has been proactive supporting students in the ECT environment; to help alleviate fears, reduce the stigma, increase patient quality of care and to optimise the learning trajectory. Diane continues to work in NHS clinical practice to update and maintain skills and also engages in ECT activities, which include: membership of the ECT Accreditation services (ECTAS) Royal college of Psychiatrists; the North West ECT lead nurse’s special interest group; and is also a specialist advisor for the Care Quality Commission CQC.