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Cherry Canovan

Dr Cherry Canovan

Research Associate

Cherry is a researcher embedded with the Widening Participation and Public Engagement team. Her research interests include the impacts of science festivals, as well as widening participation in STEM and higher education more generally.

Cherry has published widely in the areas of access to science and higher education among low-participation groups. She has also written several papers studying the impacts of science festivals on attitudes to science of both children and their parents. Her recent work includes a multi-phase research project looking at the impacts of Covid-19 related school closures on primary science teaching and learning.

Cherry has a wide variety of career experience. Before her move to educational research, she completed a PhD in Mathematical Physics, completing a thesis entitled 'A covariant approach to classical electrodynamics, with particular reference to accelerating media and novel Cerenkov fields'.

During her PhD she founded Lancaster University's Women in Physics group, and this experience sparked her interest in questions of who is able to access science learning.

Before returning to university to study Physics, Cherry worked as a journalist for several years, culminating in roles in education journalism for national publications.