Global Sound Movement


10.00am - 4.00pm 


 Engineering and Innovation Centre Building,First Floor, Room 113 (EIC 113)

Age suitability

All ages : Family friendly sessions for all to enjoy

‘Hidden Melodies’ - Hundreds of stalactites have formed over the past millennia within the caves and chasms of the Rock of Gibraltar. Each are a different size and each uniquely resonate. Using new technology and developing digital audio workstations, the GSM have created a virtual‘ lithophone’ – a musical instrument made from natural stone or rock.

This exhibition showcases the hidden sounds of the Rock of Gibraltar, allowing the audience to compose music with the stalactites and stalagmites of Lower St Michael’s Cave, and sonically place them in and around different parts of the Rock itself.

Through this interactive installation it will be possible for the audience to compose music and hear how this unique instrument would sound if played in the World War 2 Tunnels deep within the Rock of Gibraltar, or even in Moorish Castle which is outside of the caves.