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The process of getting to University can be complex. To help you follow the application cycle, these steps show the process your son or daughter will be going through which can be spread over a few months or happen very quickly! These pages will be updated throughout the application journey so do check back regularly. We hope that this will enable you to be involved in your child's decision to start University, if you have any questions the admissions team are happy to answer these.

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Useful further information for parents and carers

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November - March

Once your son or daughter has applied, University offers can be sent out up until March. They can receive up to 5 offers.

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February - April

For the majority of our courses, applicants who have been made an offer are invited to attend an Applicant Day.

These are usually held between February and April. Invitations will be sent to them directly. Parents can also attend.

A UCLan Applicant Day is much more than just looking at accommodation or having a tour of the campus. They are specifically geared to ensuring our potential students will get a real sense of what is to come. From subject taster sessions to hands-on practical sessions, interactive tours to real experiments, or one-to-one discussions – it’s their chance to really get under the skin of their chosen subject. The day will be organised flexibly so that they can attend what is most important to them.

Please note that some courses at UCLan require an interview; applicants to these courses will be invited to attend an Interview Day instead of an Applicant Day. Interviews may be scheduled anytime after the application is submitted.

Consider applying for student finance early – if they are a full time undergraduate student, their fees are likely to be covered by this, but there is also additional support available.

Going to University can seem like a costly option. We have a team who can help you with what costs are involved when coming to University, what support is available and give advice about how to manage money. We also offer bursaries and scholarships.



As soon as your son or daughter makes UCLan their firm choice, they can apply for student accommodation from mid-April onwards.

Applications for student accommodation can be made once UCLan has been chosen as the firm choice (either unconditional firm or conditional firm). This can be done from mid-April onwards and we would suggest applications are made as soon possible in order to be considered for any preferred type of accommodation.

We need the UCLan Student ID (begins with G) which will have been on the original letter sent from the Admissions Office when the application process was started.

If UCLan is an insurance choice then they will only be able to apply for accommodation in the summer once the exam results have been released and if they were unsuccessful at their firm choice institution.

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Applicants will have deadlines for accepting their places – these will vary so they should check their correspondence carefully.

Once your son or daughter has heard from all the universities they applied to, they must make a decision about the offers they have. They do not need to reply to their offers until they have received replies on all decisions on their application.

They can select the one they prefer to make a ‘firm’ reply. If the offer from the university is conditional they can choose an insurance choice as a backup. They don’t have to have an insurance choice if they are certain they would only be interested in one of their offers but they can’t then decide to go with their insurance choice if they’ve met the conditions at their firm choice - their insurance choice will then disappear.

Find more details about the types of offers.

For advice about replying to offers go to UCAS.

Don’t forget that their tuition fees are likely to be covered by student finance, and there is also additional support available. They need to apply by the end of May.

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July - August 

If you haven’t already, this is a good time to start helping your child prepare for the responsibility that comes with living on your own. If they aren’t used to cooking, cleaning and shopping, encourage them to get a bit of practice before they leave home. Knowing that they can look after themselves will give them one less thing to worry about and makes moving away from home much easier.

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For many, moving into student accommodation will be their first time living on their own. It’s exciting but stressful too. You can help your son or daughter by making sure they have all the essentials. We do advise that you don’t get them everything they could need, particularly kitchen appliances. For larger items such as kettles and toasters it is better to wait until they arrive and work out with their new flat mates what they will need to buy.

International students

August - September

Welcome Week begins in September. Before your son or daughter arrives at UCLan you will want to make sure that they have all the necessary information, such as Student Finance paperwork, accommodation details and their NHS medical card.

It is also worth reminding them that they will need to open a student bank account and register with the University doctor, a local dentist and optician.


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Heading for UCLan

At times it may seem like applying to university means learning a whole new language. We want to try and make this process less complicated and as simple and as stress free as possible and to help we have created a glossary and jargon buster of specific terms that you will come across many times over the next few months.

Term Dates

To help you plan ahead, the Academic Calendar gives you the key dates throughout the upcoming academic year. It contains information regarding term and semester dates, examination dates, vacation and publication of results. Different dates may apply for some programmes but where this occurs the School will inform their students directly.

Jargon Buster

At times it may seem like applying to university means learning a whole new language. We want to try and make this process less complicated and as simple and as stress free as possible and to help we have created a glossary and jargon buster of specific terms that you will come across many times over the next few months.