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Prof. Thankom Arun

Professor of Development Finance and Public Policy

School of Business

Greenbank Building, GR31

+44 (0) 1772 89 4546

Over the years, the research carried out by Thankom aims to understand, theorize and tackle the problems created by the uneven relationships between business and economy. His research is largely on development finance with a focus on the multidimensional and nonlinear aspects of development.

Thankom is research active within the area of business and management and is a member of the Institute of Global Finance and Development.

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Ph.D. Economics, University of Manchester



Financial Services to the Unbanked: the case of the Mzansi intervention in South Africa, Philip Kostov, Thankom Arun and Samuel Annim, Contemporary Economics, 8(2), pp.191-206, 2014.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs): Management Perceptions from IFIs in Bahrain, Zakharia Ali-Aribi and Thankom Arun, Journal of Business Ethics, March 2014

Banking the unbanked: the Mzansi intervention in South Africa, Philip Kostov, Thankom Arun and Samuel Annim , Indian Growth and Development Review, 7(2), 2014.

Arun, Thankom , Bendig, Mirko and Arun, Shoba (2012) Bequest Motives and Determinants of Micro Life Insurance in Sri Lanka World Development, 40 (8). pp. 1700-1711.



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Finance and development

Corporate governance

International business

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Current Research Projects

Current Projects/External work:
Microfoundations of Access to Finance: Demand side perspectives in South Africa (ESRC)
Research Grant Knowledge Network 4 Business, ESRC

Completed Research Projects (Since 2001)

Microfinance in USA
Microfinance, Gender and Poverty – A Multi-country Study on Research and Training (DelPHE/British Council)
Improving Access to Rural Finance in India (World Bank)
Thematic workshop on corporate governance (Centre on Regulation and Competition)
Overlapping Vulnerabilities, a study on micro insurance in Sri Lanka (British Academy)
Research seminar series on corporate governance and development (ESRC)
Technological capabilities in India (CRC)
Informal remittances and transfer mechanisms (University of Manchester)


1.Research Fellow, IZA, Bonn

2.External Associate, Brooks World Poverty research Institute, University of Manchester, 2010-

3.Visiting Professor, University of Rome, La Sapienza (2008)

4.Honorary Senior Fellow, Brooks World Poverty Research Institute, University of Manchester 2007 -2010).

5.Honorary Senior Fellow, Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester (2007-2010 )

6.ESRC Peer Review College (2010-)

7.External Examiner, University of Greenwich (2009-12)

8.External Examiner, University of Bradford (2005-2009)

9.Editorial Board, CBS Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Central Bank, Sri Lanka(2010-).

10.Editorial Board, Lancashire Business School Working Paper Series (2009-)

11.Visiting Faculty, Consumer Unity & Trust Society Institute for Regulation and Competition