Dr. Kate Chatfield

Deputy Director of the Centre for Professional Ethics

School of Health Sciences

Brook Building, BB424

+44 (0) 1772 89 3697

Subject Areas: Health, Philosophy, Public Health

Kate Chatfield is the Deputy Director for the Centre for Professional Ethics. As a bioethicist and qualitative researcher, she works on a number of projects including:
TRUST: investigating the purposeful exploitation of low and middle income country participants for research purposes.
Responsible-Industry: exploring how private corporations can conduct their research and innovation activities responsibly.

REWARD: exploring realistic solutions to the lack of access to medical products and services for underprivileged populations.

Kate is a part of the Centre for Professional Ethics Research Group

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Full Profile

Kate Chatfield has a background in philosophy (BA) and holistic healthcare provision (MSc) and has a PhD in bioethics.

She has been teaching postgraduate students at UCLan since 2006 and contributes to a number of postgraduate research modules: Introduction to Postgraduate Research, Applying Methods in Health Research and Research, Ethics and Governance.

As well as teaching, Kate works as a researcher; she is currently working with three large, multi-centred, EU projects addressing bioethical challenges: TRUST, REWARD and Responsible Industry.

For her PhD, Kate analysed ethical challenges posed by the use of traditional and complementary medicines. This involved analysis of the impacts upon animals and the environment as well as people living in both high income, and low and middle income countries.

A concern for the health and wellbeing of both current and future generations is the driving force behind most of Kate’s teaching and research interests.

Kate has recently had an article focussing on the San people of southern Africa published on The Conversation entitled ‘The ethics of research: how to end the exploitation of vulnerable communities'.

Kate has published a further article on The Conversation about ethical standards in animal research entitled ‘Double standards in animal ethics: why is a lab mouse better protected than a cow?’


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Chatfield, K. & Morton, D. (2016) The use of non-human primates in research. In “Ethics Dumping” – Paradigmatic case studies. Editors: Schroeder, D., Lucas, J.,  Fenet, S., Hirsch, F. , pp.20-28

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Research Activities

Bioethicist and qualitative researcher with a particular interest in sustainability, equity and equality in healthcare; holistic approaches to health and wellbeing; ethical challenges in health care and research; animal welfare and animal rights.

Teaching activities and responsibilities

  • Postgraduate research methods and research ethics modules as well as supervision of postgraduate research projects.


Kate presents regularly at conferences


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy