Dr. Michael Allen


School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Maudland Building MB119

Mike is a retired forensic document examiner with over thirty years’ experience. He teaches forensic document examination.

Mike primarily teaches part of MSc at UCLan in Forensic Document Analysis and also teaches at Keele and MMU.


Full Profile

  • BA (Hons) Physiological Sciences, Keble College Oxford, 1981
  • MSc Forensic Science, Strathclyde University, 1982
  • PhD Developmental aspects of handwriting acquisition, Staffordshire University, 2011

Recruited into Forensic Science Service 1983. A director of Document Evidence Ltd 1992-2008. Independent consultant 2008-2013. Teaching forensic document examination at several universities for more than ten years.

Worked closely with Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners and the Forensic Science Society on matters of assessment of practitioner competence.

UKAS technical assessor in questioned documents 2009-2014. 


1. Foundations of Forensic document Analysis, 2015, Wiley Blackwell