Dr. Gary Bratchford

Senior Lecturer in Photography

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

Media Factory, ME330

+44 (0) 1772 89 3045

Subject Areas: TV, Film and Photography

Gary is a Senior Lecturer within the Photography department. His research interests include visual activism and creative nonviolent resistance, the visual culture of contested spaces and the intersection between visually orientated practices and the sociological sphere. Bratchford is a board member of the International Sociological Association’s (ISA) Visual Sociology Working group, co-editor of their publication and sits on the scientific committee for the international photography conference, Contemphoto, Turkey.

Gary is research active within the Photography Research Group



Full Profile

Dr. Gary Bratchford, Senior Lecturer in Photography. Gary teaches across the BA and MA modules, with an emphasis on applied critical theory to photography as well as teaching units focusing on classical and contemporary Visual Culture. Gary also currently co-supervises one PhD that seeks to revise the historical/political aspects of civil and post civil war trauma in the coffee shop scenes of Greek cinematographer, Theo Angelopoulos.

Gary’s research specialisms are located at the various intersections between Visual Culture, politics and violence and fall into two distinct categories. Firstly, the visual production of contested spaces and activist photography, specifically in Israel/Palestine. Secondly, institutional responses to the representational framing of migration and movement. Gary is also interested in visual research methods and is currently conducting on/offline visual ethnography related to the gentrification of North Manchester.

Gary is research active within the Photography Research Group (PRG) and has published his research in a number of peer-reviewed journals, organized conferences nationally and internationally on a number of themes as well as presenting his work nationally and internationally. Aside form his responsibilities within Uclan, Gary sits on the board of the International Sociological Association (ISA) Visual Sociology Working Group (WG03), co-editing their twice-yearly publication and is a member of the scientific committee for the annual, Contemphoto photography Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Finally, Gary is the lead researcher on the 2017 Halton Community Cultural Shifts project in association with the Open-eye Photography Gallery, Liverpool and is organizing the 2nd International Visual Methods Workshop for Doctoral Students in 2017.


  • Ph.D. Visual Culture, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016
  • M.A. War, History and Culture, University of Manchester, 2010
  • PGDE Generic Education for FE with a specialism in Media Studies, 2010
  • B.A. (Hons.)  Film, Media and Photographic Practice, Manchester Metropolitan, 2006

Academic roles and responsibilities:


Bratchford, Gary (2014) Visualizing a Society on the Brink: Gaza and Hebron. Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, 7 (2&3). pp. 145-162. ISSN 1751-9411

Bratchford, Gary (2014) Political Visibility of the Palestinian. In: Looking at Images: A Researchers Guide. University of Southampton Press, Winchester.

Bratchford, Gary (2014) Liquid Borders and Contested Spaces: An Israeli Street in a Palestinian City. Project Report. Social Science Research Council.

Morrison, Brian, Aitken, John, Bratchford, Gary, Purcell, Jonathan, Morris, Phillip Michael, Brake, Jane, Moss-Coomes, Abigail, Wood, Becca, Stanton, Charles, Lester, David, Rose, Jason, Burston, Kirsty, Wagstaff, Ryan, Ta, Seing, Rees, Tom, Carroll, Andrea, Brophy, Nicola, Kelly, Lauren Jo and Lately, Dale (2016) North: Volume Two. North, 2 . PhotoUCLan, Preston, UK. ISBN 978-1-909755-08-6


Gary is research active within the Photography Research Group

External Affiliations and Roles

Gary is a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and an elected board member of the Visual Sociology Working Group (2014-2018) and co-edits the Visual Sociology Newsletter. He is also a member of the International Visual Sociology Association and a member of the Association of Photography in Higher Education (APHE).



Gary teaches across all three BA Photography year groups, acting as module lead on 8. Gary also teaches on the MA photography and is currently second supervise one PhD, focusing on Greek politics cinema.





Imagining Futures Through the Visual. The Third ISA Forum of Sociology – July 10-14, 2016, Vienna, Austria.

‘Ecology of an Online Archive: Visual Activism and Political Visibilities in Israel/Palestine’, 03 International Conference of Photography and Theory 2014: Photography and Politics and the Politics of Photography. Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus. 5-7/12/2014

‘Negotiating Representation in Israel & Palestine’, Envisioning Peace, Performing Justice: Art, Activism, and Cultural Politics in the History of Peacemaking, Peace History Society, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA. 24-26/10/2013

‘Negotiating Representation in Israel & Palestine’, Representation, Politics and Violence, 7th International Interdisciplinary Conference, CAPPE, University of Brighton, UK. 11-13/09/2013

‘Visual Activism and the Photo-essay in the Occupied Territories’, The Aesthetics of Activism – Strategies of Visibility, IVSA 2013 Annual Conference: The Public Image, Goldsmiths, London, UK. 8-10/07/2013:

‘Politics of Visibility: Contemporary Landscape Photography in Israel and the Occupied Territories’, Politics of Photography, Contemphoto: International on Contemporary Photography, Nâzim Hikmit Cultural Centre, Istanbul, Turkey. 12-15/06/2013

‘Visual Activism in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: New Media Technologies, Witnessing & Visual Citizenship’, Visual Activism & Social Justice, The Second ISA Forum of Sociology, UBA, Buenos Aries, Argentina. 1-4/08/2012

‘Hiding the Human Catastrophe: Bare-life, New Media and Digital Activism’, Platform for Presentations, MIRIAD Research in Practice Postgraduate forum, Manchester Metropolitan University. 06/10/2011

Invited Talks/Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker - 1st International Workshop on Visual Research for Doctoral Students, University of Padua (Italy) - organized by the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) and the Doctoral School in Social Sciences (University of Padua). 9/09/2015

Guest Speaker - Public Lecture – “Conflict and Compassion: Frames of War and Human Rights in Israel”, Asia Manchester Triennial (ATM) programme, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. 8/11/2014

Guest Speaker - Public Seminar – ‘The Politics of Visibility and my Research Pathway: Contemporary Landscape Photography in Israel and the Occupied Territories (And How I Arrived at this Point)’, Tent’s Public Pedagogical Platform for Presentation Seminar Session. 08/10/2013

Sessions/conferences organized:

The 2nd International Workshop on Visual Research for Doctoral Students, University of Central Lancashire, UK [forthcoming, March, 2017].

Towards more visual research methodologies?  (Co-session with WG03), The 1st RC33 Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology: Asia (2017 RC33 Regional Conference) held on September 11 - 14, 2017 in Taipei.

Imagining Futures Through the Visual. The Third ISA Forum of Sociology – July 10-14, 2016, Vienna, Austria.


  • Participatory photography project with the Open- Eye, Liverpool as part of the Cultural Shifts 2017-18 project. Exhibition and final outputs due late 2017.
  • A photography survey of Ancoats, New Islington and Miles Platting – visual and social semiotics (On-going).