Anastasia Bradford

Research Assistant

School of Language and Global Studies

Vernon Annexe, VE002

Subject Areas: Deaf Studies and Sign Language

Anastasia is research active within the area of language, linguistics, culture and society and is a member of the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies.  

Full Profile

Tashi joined iSLanDS in November 2012 as a research assistant in the ERC Multisign project. Just prior to this post she spent four years in Cambodia working with a local team to document Cambodian Sign Language as part of a wider Asian sign languages dictionary project funded by the Nippon Foundation, and through UNICEF advised the Cambodian Ministry of Education on curriculum and language policy in the country’s emerging programmes to make education available to Deaf children.

A native of Florida, Tashi earned her BA in Secondary Deaf Education, Spanish, and English Literature from Flagler College in St Augustine, USA. After a two-year stint teaching at a school for Deaf teens in Costa Rica, she went on to do postgraduate studies in linguistics at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, where she also taught Spanish for 11 years. With an interest in applied linguistics, she researched the impact of signed languages on Deaf university students’ learning of foreign spoken/written languages and served as a Fulbright fellow on bilingual education in Italy in 2000. For her PhD studies she continued her interest in L3 learning, and researched early sign language documentation in emerging Deaf communities, with the examples of Cambodia, Costa Rica, Jordan, and Vietnam.