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Please note: workshops that are FULLY BOOKED will not allow you to select a place - please email or call 01772 893808 to be added to the waiting list and informed of future workshop dates. 

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Section 2: Workshops

Please note: workshops that are FULLY BOOKED will not allow you to select a place. Please email or call 01772 893808 to be added to the waiting list and informed of future workshop dates.

January 2017

How does the Body Work in Biomechanical and Physiological Terms?

Assessment of Quality of Movement of Common Movement Tasks & Physiological Cost

Ensuring Patients Safety in Healthcare Setting

February 2017


Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

Creative Expressive Arts Therapies

March 2017

Senior PWP Leadership and Development

Biomechanics of Conservative and Surgical management

Trust: Its Unintended Betrayal

Understanding Muscle Function

Introduction to Leadership in Nursing

Designing and Delivering Healthcare Simulation

Mentor Update for Cervical Smear Takers

Advanced Exercise Rehabilitation


Fragile Process of Attachment: Theory & Practice

Supporting Children, Young People & Families living with, or affected by, HIV in the UK

April 2017

Introduction to Children’s Palliative Care

Cultural and Spiritual Awareness

Working Safely/ Therapeutically with People who have committed Sexual Offences

Positive Ageing: How to Enjoy Later Life


Ear Care Management

Enhancing the PWP Toolkit

May 2017

Advanced Clinical Skills: Consultation Skills including History Taking

Advanced Clinical Skills: Gastro-Intestinal System

Advanced Clinical Skills: Respiratory System

Caring for Children with Complex Needs

Chronic Heart Failure

Herbal Medicines

Fragile Process of Attachment: Theory & Practice

Recognising and Managing Unusual Infections

Nutrition and Healthy Eating for the Older Adult

Improving Continence Awareness in Adults

Group Facilitation Skills

Male Depression: What it is and what do professional need to consider?

June 2017

Ear Care Management

Introduction to Metacognitive Therapy

Working with Common Mental Health Problems: A guide for Primary Care Practitioners

Speak Up! An Introduction to Public Speaking

August 2017

Personality Disorder: An Introduction

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