West Cumberland Medical Education Centre

West Cumberland Medical Education Centre Staff

Professor John Howarth

Professor John Howarth

Professor John Howarth is a senior clinician with over 30 years’ experience. He is a director of Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, leading on service improvement and is Deputy Chief Executive. John is the clinical lead for the Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative (CLIC) and is currently clinically active as a part-time GP.

Val Smart

Dr Valerie Smart

Dr Valerie Smart is the Project Manager based at the West Cumberland Medical Education Centre, where she is involved in the development of a range of courses across the campus. Her background includes a career in biochemistry and genetics research as well as being involved in education.

Steven Minto

Steve Minto

Steve Minto is the Project Administrative Assistant based at West Cumberland Medical Education Centre, where he provides support to the academic staff and Project Manager. Steve has been involved in Higher Education for the Majority of his professional life.

Stuart McNee

Stuart McNee is the Senior Wellbeing Officer at West Cumberland Medical Education Centre, where he provides general student support and specialist disability, wellbeing and mental health advice/referral for students. Stuart has been involved in education for most of his professional life and has a wealth of experience in pastoral care.

Eric Bater

Dr Eric Bater

Dr Eric Bater is the academic lead for the Physician Associate programme of the West Cumberland Medical education centre. Previously a GP, he has been involved in the training of GP registrars for more than two decades

Dr Temba Mudariki

Dr Temba Mudariki

Dr Temba Mudariki is a lecturer in medical sciences based at the West Cumberland Medical Education Centre. He is research active with an interest in the neuropathology of brain tumours using histopathology, molecular pathology, vibrational spectroscopy and spectrometry. He is also a member of the Brain Tumour North West (BTNW) which is a strategic alliance designed to consolidate and exploit clinical and research-based tumour expertise which currently exists within the region. Temba has also been involved in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate biology,  genetics and biostatistics

Hilary Ross headshot

Hilary Ross

Hilary Ross delivers the English for Academic Purposes and English for Medicine programmes at the Westlakes Medical Educational Centre.  She has a number of years teaching experience in higher education institutions both in the UK and the Middle East.

Matthew Mustain

Matthew Mustain

Matthew Mustain is a practicing Physician Assistant in the United States relocated to the Isle of Man in 2011. He had been a practicing Physician Associate in Phoenix, Arizona since 2002 working in internal medicine with experience in Paediatrics, Perioperative Medicine, and Rheumatology. He also mentored PAs in Phoenix, and taught rheumatology and joint arthrocentesis to medical students and MDs. He has maintained his certification in the USA while helping to expand the Physician Associate role in the UK. He has been a member of the RCP Faculty of Physician Associates since its UK inception. He currently works at West Cumberland Hospital in a newly developing PA role.

  • Tom Bell – Project Manager – Digital Health Institute

Tom is the newly appointed Project Manager at the University of Central Lancashire’s West Cumbria Medical Education Centre. His role is to help the University develop the concept of a Digital Health Institute to support the delivery of healthcare in remote and rural areas including Cumbria. This will involve engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, health providers and healthcare users.

Tom has a good mix of programme and project management experience and a track-record of developing effective partnerships in the private, public and plural sectors. He has worked in manufacturing, telecoms, brewing, business support and the NHS.

  • Venus Alae-Carew

Venus Carew is the statistics and mathematics lecturer on the Foundation course on Medical Sciences . She has been a maths lecturer in the Higher Education sector for over 10 years and a maths teacher educator for the last 8 years.

  • Dawyn Sawyer

Dawyn Sawyer, PA-C, graduated from the University of Iowa Physician Assistant programme with a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies in 1992.  She worked firstly at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Paediatric GI for 13 years where she saw children for a variety of health care needs and assisted with sedating children who required endoscopic evaluations. For the past 10 years, Dawyn has worked in remote Alaska, teaching Community Health Aides emergency care, acute and chronic care, as well as preventative care of Native Alaskans.