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Your world of opportunity

Do you want to see the world, experience different cultures and enhance your career prospects while doing so?

At UCLan, you can. Our international exchange programmes give you the opportunity to study or work across the globe within Europe or further afield.


I was lucky enough to visit Ruiykan in Norway where I not only learnt how to ice climb, which was a brand new experience for me, but to also gain different understandings of the Norwegian culture/lifestyle to coaching styles which will aid the theoretical side of my degree at UCLan. The programme was also loads of fun!

Emma Baker, Outdoor Education
Visited Ruiykan, Norway


Studying a world away

This could see you studying at UCLan Cyprus as part of your degree, or at one of our 67 European partners, in 19 countries, through the ERASMUS+ scheme. Alternatively, you can study further afield, as far as Australia, China, Canada, India, or the USA, as an exchange student with one of our world-wide partner institutions, for a semester or a year

You’ll be assessed in similar ways whilst abroad as you are at UCLan. Study undertaken and passed abroad will be credited to your UCLan degree. Therefore, a year abroad or semester abroad will not result in extending the length of time it takes to complete your degree.


Looking back at my time in Japan, it has made me grateful for the opportunities in life that put you somewhere unexpected to enable yourself to sharpen your natural senses. And with that, I thank the study abroad team for helping me along the way with my procedure."

Tio Sutherland-Burton, BA (Hons) International Business
Visited Chukyo University, Japan


Why Study Abroad?

It’s not all beaches, sunsets and Instagram opportunities! Studying abroad will have lifelong benefits in your personal and professional life.

  • It might seem daunting at first, but there’s nothing like standing on your own two feet to improve your confidence and personal development.
  • You’ll be in the ideal situation to immerse yourself in another culture and learn the local language or improve your existing skills.
  • Experience a new way of learning – a different academic way of teaching could give you a whole new outlook on your course!
  • You’ll meet interesting new people and develop an international social life, as well as building lasting worldwide relationships
  • Enhance your career – a period studying abroad will stand out on your CV and international organisations want graduates with experience of living or working abroad.
  • You’ll develop relevant, marketable skills such as problem solving, communication, patience and perseverance, determination, self-motivation, analytical and study skills
  • Finally, you’ll definitely have fun - you should try and see as much of the country as you can – students who study abroad say that it is the best time of their lives!

Interested? Find out more

There’s lots of help and advice from the Study Abroad team so you won’t be alone. You’ll usually study abroad during your 2nd year, so will need to think about it and apply during your first year.

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