The University of Central Lancashire welcomes students from China.

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Entry Requirements (Minimum entry requirements & Minimum English language requirements)

Global Qualifications

If you do not meet our standard entry criteria, you may wish to consider ONCampus.

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51offer P.R. China

AAS Education Consultancy Hong Kong

Academic Link Overseas Studies Centre Hong Kong

Aceleader Education Group P.R. China

Aceleader Culture & Education Consultants Co. Ltd.

Amber Education (Hong Kong) Services Ltd. Hong Kong

AOJI Enrolment Centre of International Education Limited P.R. China

Beijing Aus-Canada Education Consulting Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Beijing Century Bole Overseas Study Consulting Service Co Ltd  -

Beijing EASYUK Education Co. Ltd -

Beijing Fanzhidu Educational Information Consulting Co. Ltd Dalian Branch P. R. China

Beijing Hangao Training School P. R. China

Beijing HHL Overseas Education Service Co Ltd

Beijing Huatongxinnou International Cultural Exchange Centre (iAE -China)

Beijing Jintuolian International Education Consultation Co, Ltd -

Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd P.R. China

Beijing Promising Education Ltd -

Beijing Space Study Service Co. Ltd. P.R. China

Beijing Yulongshikong Educational Technological Development Co Ltd

British United Education Services Limited Hong Kong

Burgeon Education P.R. China -

Changsha Service Centre for International Education Exchange P. R. China

Chengdu Apex Economic & Cultural Development Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Chengdu Huaying Consulting and Service Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Chengdu Linktop Consulting Centre for Going Abroad (A member of Linktop Group) P.R. China

Chengdu QiBang Culture and Communication Co Ltd

Chenzhi International Education (Beijing) Co Ltd

China Centre for International Education Exchange P.R. China

China Education International (CEI) P. R. China

China Education Service Centre Guangdong Company

China Office - Beijing  

Chivast Education International Beijing -

D Y Oceanic Consultants P.R. China

D&LT Consultants Ltd P. R. China

Da Di Overseas Studies Service Centre Hong Kong

Dalian Xinquan Science & Education Consulting Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Dongfang International Centre for Education Exchange P. R. China

Dongguan Gentil Hombre Overseas Study Service Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Eduglobal China Limited P.R. China 


Feng He Yi Xiang Education Consultants (Beijing) Co. Ltd P. R. China  

360 Education Group 


How to apply

We welcome applications from all international students. For information and forms for undergraduate and postgraduate applications, please visit our ‘How to apply’ section for international students.


Golden Arrow Overseas Consulting

Golden Bridge Overseas Study Service Co. Ltd. of Xi'an Jiao Tong University P.R. China

Guangdong Century Bridge International Education Culture Exchange Co. Ltd. P.R. China

Guangdong Education Service of International Exchanges P. R. China

Guangdong Overseas Education Services P.R. China

Harbin Bincai Study Abroad Information Advisory Co Ltd P.R. China

Harry Lee International Education Consulting Co. Ltd. P.R. China

Horizon Consulting (Shanghai Horizon Consulting Company Limited) -

Hefei Zhiyu P.R. China -

Hong Kong Education Web Ltd Hong Kong

Hubei Jinmao Foreign Consultants Management Ltd P.R. China

Hunan Fuyue Study-abroad Service Center Co. Ltd P. R. China

IAE Edu Net -

Intelligence International Consulting (Beijing) Ltd., Co -


Index Education Services P.R. China

Jiangxi CIIC International Education Consulting Company Ltd

Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange P.R. China

Jinan Overseas Chinese Study Abroad Service Centre P.R. China

JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Luoyang Ausbridge America-Canada Commercial and Cultural Co Ltd -


MY Education P. R. China

Merrill Link International Co., Ltd


Nanchang Zhaolong Commerce Consulting Co. Ltd P. R. China

North America Education -

Onyx Consultants China (Wuhan) Co Ltd P. R. China

Oriental LongWen (Beijing) International Culture Exchange Center (OLWI)

Overseas Educational Consultancy of Sichuan International Studies University P. R. China

Overseas Studies Service of Zhejiang Normal University -

Qingdao Pennon P. R. China

Ray Education Consultants P. R. China

Shanghai Nairen Business Consulting Co. Ltd. P.R. China

Shanghai Overseas Affairs Service Centre Co.Ltd P.R. China

Shanghai Overseas Chinese International Education Service Co P.R. China

Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education and Trip Consulting Service P.R. China

Shanghai Shenyuan International Education Service Company Limited P.R. China

Shanghai Yingmei P.R. China

Shanghai SISU Educational Information Centre for International Exchanges P. R. China

Shenzhen Education Center for International Exchange P. R. China

Shinyway International P.R. China

Study International UK Limted x 12 -

UEAS Uni Education Advisory Services Hong Kong

Weishi Overseas Consultants P.R. China /

Wiseway Global Co. Ltd. P.R. China

Wuhan Aoxin Culture & Education Consulting Co. Ltd. P. R. China

Wuhan Cambridge Education Consultant & Service Co. Ltd P. R. China -

Wuhan Center for International Education Exchange P.R. China

Wuhuzhongshi P.R. China

Ying Fan Education Service Co Ltd x 3 -

Ying Fan Education Service Co Ltd x 5 -

Zhejiang Normal University P.R. China

Zhejiang Strong International Consulting Company Limited P.R. China