Academic Quality and Compliance

Academic Quality Assurance Manual

AQA Manual 2015/16 - Taught Courses and Research Degree Programmes to be revised for 2016/17

This manual outlines the structures, policies and procedures which contribute to academic quality assurance and enhancement in the University of Central Lancashire.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of the University’s quality assurance mechanisms apply to all taught higher education courses and research degree programmes at the University.

  1. Academic Regulations 
  2. Course Developer’s Guide & Appendices Updated for 2016/17
  3. Taught a) Admissions Policy  Research b) Research Admissions 
  4. Information on the Operation of the External Examiners system at the University of Central Lancashire Updated for 2016/17
  5. Annual Monitoring Process Updated for 2015/16
  6. Periodic Course Review for on Campus provision
  7. Periodic Course Review for Partnership provision Updated for 2016/17
  8. Interim Review Process
  9. Peer Support for Learning and Teaching through observation 
  10. Collaborative Provision - Policy and Procedures Updated for 2016/17
  11. Course Withdrawal Process
  12. Research Code of Practice for the Supervision, Examination and Administration of Research Student 
  13. Student Handbook for Postgraduate Research 
  14. Research Student Progress File 
  15. Guidance on Professional Doctorates (.pdf) Updated for 2015/16
  16. Research Higher Doctorates: Procedures Updated for 2015/16


*Academic Regulations for taught programmes and research degrees plus Higher Doctorates and includes the Assessment Handbook, which incorporates the following:

  • Guidelines for Interruptions to Study (Research Degrees); 
  • Research Exam and Theses Guide (Research Degrees); 
  • Video Conferencing Procedures for Research Examination; 
  • Extenuating Circumstances During Research Examination; 
  • Appeals Procedures And Unfair Means To Enhance Performance (taught and research).


**Admissions Policy incorporates:

  • Staff Guidance Notes (Research Degrees); 
  • Regulations Governing Research Studentships and Bursaries.