CAD Suites

CAD software, in particular 3D design software requires a higher specification computer which is offered in the CAD suites at UCLan.

The Harris Building HB132 CAD suite

CAD software, in particular 3D design software has slightly different user requirements for a suitable computer to support this type of work. Generally a larger monitor is required plus a higher specification processor, additional RAM, a higher specification graphics card and a 64bit operating system. Two of the largest PC rooms at UCLan fitted with this specification of computer are to be found in Harris Building. Both HB132 and HB144A are equipped with 40 CAD specification computers. HB132 also features dual projection for teaching purposes, but is a bookable room as a result. It is freely available for all to use outside of timetabled class times. HB144A on the other hand does not offer any teaching aids and is non-bookable, but is freely open to use at all times.

Colour A4/A3 printing, scanning and photocopying is available within and adjacent to these rooms. Large format colour printing is also available adjacent to these rooms.

HB144A CAD studio 

The Harris Building HB144A CAD studio 

The Harris Building HB132 CAD suite 

Key equipment available

HB132 - 40no. CAD specification PCs plus dual screen presentation projection

HB144A - 40no. CAD specification PCs

Contact staff

Room Booking Unit - please contact on +44 (0)1772 892255 or by emailing us: (This is for ad hoc bookings for meetings, special needs exams etc.)

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LIS Customer Support Team
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Opening times, guides and charges

The opening times of these facilities are the same as the opening times of the building. Harris Building is currently open 7.30am - 9.00pm Monday - Thursday and 7.30am - 8.00pm Friday.

During vacation periods the closing times are one hour earlier, namely 8.00pm Monday - Thursday and 7.00pm Friday.

As with most UCLan buildings out of hours access can be arranged in conjunction with UCLan Security.