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Munirah Bangee

PhD student - Psychology

“As part of my studies, I was given the opportunity to work with Stephanie Cacioppo, John Cacioppo, Aaron Ball and Stephen Balogh at the High Performance Electrical Neuroimaging (HPEN) laboratory at the University of Chicago on a collaborative EEG study looking at loneliness and attention to social threat. The research team also included Pamela Qualter (my supervisor) and the research visit was funded by the Psychology department at UCLan.

After months of hard work and preparation from the research team – I finally arrived in Chicago! We had two main objectives for my research visit; we intended to collect data from a reasonable number of participants and to have this data analysed before I returned back to the UK. I was only visiting for two weeks which meant we had very tight deadlines to meet. In the first week of my visit, I was showed how to use the EEG system and collect EEG data appropriately. As the first week ended, we had collected data from a high number of participants.

During the second week of my visit, we intended to analyse all the EEG data. I was very enthusiastic to learn more and see the practical side of EEG analysis. The data reduction process included many steps that had to be worked through precisely. I was also invited to present some of the preliminary study findings at one of the HPEN lab meeting in which suggestions and feedback was given. As week two came to a close, we were delighted to have met our two primary objectives.

The research team at the HPEN laboratory were very welcoming and the experience I have gained during my visit is invaluable. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity and an unforgettable experience! I would like to thank the HPEN research team, Pamela Qualter and all those involved that helped to make this visit possible and I’m currently working on writing up this study for publication with the research team.”

Munirah Bangee (right) pictured with John and Stephanie Cacioppo