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Eleanor Wong and Christopher Thomas, BSc (Hons) Neuropsychology students

BSc (Hons) Neuropsychology students

Current UCLan students Eleanor Wong and Christopher Thomas took part in a shared internship last summer. They worked on the same research project and recently presented a poster presentation together.

Eleanor said: "In the summer of 2013, I had the privilege of being accepted on the Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (URIS) at UCLan’s School of Psychology, cognitive department. This allowed me to have the inspiring opportunity of working alongside professional, published and academic research fellows and lecturers as a research assistant: conducting studies on behalf of the School. As a result, I have developed many personal skills, such as communication within a team and the wider public in recruitment of participants, and confidence in independent and team work. It has further enhanced my academic skills ranging from literature reviews to understanding the necessity of structure, time and organisation of research studies. These skills were especially useful as they were employed with ease during my own dissertation study."

"The Auditory Distraction study has let me venture into an extremely specific area of cognitive psychology and has given me a taste of how intensely varied and ranged the psychology research fields can be - future research careers can include any precise area of discipline that appeals most to you.

Another aspect of the internship that I have treasured is the chance to meet and create friendships with other psychology, media and science interns over the summer. In addition, we have been selected to go on an exciting adventure to University of Kentucky (USA) and present our projects at a National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) which will no doubt be a meaningful experience preparing us for our future careers.

Overall, this internship has been a fantastic 10 weeks where I refined personal, academic and social skills; moreover, it has excitingly continued into a trip to Kentucky, USA with an amazing opportunity to present our research projects. I thoroughly recommend this internship scheme to UCLan students."

Christopher added: "Working as an intern and being involved in the running of this study has been a great experience and provided me with many opportunities for not only academic but also personal development. My involvement has also enabled me to enhance and refine a wide range of skills including independent and collaborative working; whilst beneficially gaining a deeper knowledge of a new topic area, which has opened up new areas of interest for me to explore.

Working alongside well-established researchers in their specialist area of interest has also provided me with a new insight into the working mechanisms of how to create, conduct and produce a professional research paper. Working as an intern has been a great opportunity that I would definitely recommend."