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Here you can learn about Spain, the Spanish language and a few other things about the people who speak this important world language in this introductory webcast.

Wikipedia: Spain, Spanish language

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Did you know that:

  • There are approximately 500 million Spanish speakers in the world?
  • If you speak Spanish you can be understood in more than 20 countries?
  • Spanish belongs to the Romance or Romanic languages? What is a ‘Romance language’? Ah, these are the languages that descend from Latin, the language of ancient Rome.
  • It was the Romans who founded towns, built aqueducts, constructed bridges and roads and gave Spain their language and named the Country “Hispania”, (in Latin)? They also introduced Christianity to Spain.
  • Spanish uses about one third of Arabic based words in its entire vocabulary?
  • Christopher Columbus, the first European to arrive in the American Continent was actually an Italian?
  • Over 42 million people in the United States are Spanish speakers?


“Spain is Different”, said the tourist advertising campaign of the 1970s, but is it really still different today? Judge for yourself – find out in which ways it is different.

  • Spain is a country of “fiestas”. There seems to be some scientific evidence to support the idea that a siesta (an afternoon nap) can be good for your heart. I don’t know about that but could it be the reason Spaniards can go on partying until the early hours of the morning? Listen to an interview about La Siesta broadcast by BBC Radio Lancashire.

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The Hispanic world is not only famous for the passion of flamenco, there is also Salsa and Rumba from Cuba, the Tango from Argentina, the Pasodoble from Spain and many other varieties well known now in this country through Strictly Come Dancing. Ah! Let’s not forget the Mariache Bands from Mexico.

Language Learning

BBC Spanish: choose from various programmes/courses to study the language.
Tecla:  Tecla is a text magazine written for learners and teachers of Spanish produced monthly during the UK academic year by the Consejería de Educación. (Spanish Education Council).
Spanish Experto: ideal for learning new vocabulary, and practice the tenses. Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Access Languages - Spanish: ideal for beginners.
Instituto Cervantes: interactive language learning activities for beginner and intermediate students from the Instituto Cervantes.
Study practise Spanish. visit this site to build up your Spanish vocabulary of everyday activities, with a multitude of hints and tips being offered about various aspects of life.
Friends Abroad: finding pen friends.
Seaside Mexico - Kids learning Spanish.

Country Information/Travel/Culture

BBC Country Profile - Spain: country profile of Spain

Languages Across Europe - Spanish: a little about the Spanish Language

Spanish plenty of information about the main Spanish artists