Teaching for sustainable development

UCLan offers a number of sustainable development themed specialist courses to enable our students to specialise in the evolving green economy directly after graduation.

Some of the courses offered have been designed to embed sustainability as a key feature throughout the programme.

Other modules like ‘Issues in Sustainability’ can be taken as an elective to give a student an introduction to sustainable development

University Electives

The University offers a number of elective modules open to all students to learn and enhance their skills in order to broaden their University experience. Popular sustainability related electives include:

Issues in Sustainability:  Addresses a wide range of issues relating to sustainable development with presentations given by researchers and professionals from a number of disciplines.

Find out more, Contact ecooper2@uclan.ac.uk

Volunteering and Community Action: Enhance your skills and broaden your experience through voluntary work.

Find out more, Contact cfvolunteering@uclan.ac.uk





Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) Waste Awareness Training

CIWM Construction Waste Awareness