Sustainable and active travel

UCLan, through the implementation of its Travel Plan, is working hard to help make the University Campus and Preston a healthier and sustainable place in which to work, study or visit.

Travel Plan

The UCLan Travel Plan, updated annually contains measures and targets to reduce solo car usage and encourage more sustainable travel choices in order to contribute to the overall reduction of carbon emissions generated by travel to the University.

The main objectives of the plan are:

  • To reduce the environmental impact of the University's travel demands;
  • To reduce the number of single occupancy cars arriving at the University;
  • To improve the choice of transport options available;
  • To ensure maximum utilisation of the University resources.

The anticipated benefits of the Travel Plan are numerous and include:

  • By promoting and improving sustainable methods of transport such as public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing UCLan can reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Through a reduction in the amount of carbon produced, which contributes to climate change, we are benefiting the global environment.
  • The local environment also benefits from improved air quality through reduced pollution levels and noise reduction.
  • Reduced congestion around campus and ease of access and car parking means that commuters, visitors, deliveries and local residents can all benefit from shifts in travel modes.
  • By changing from an often stressful and expensive solo car journey to more sustainable modes, commuters can take advantage of individual costs savings and health benefits

Cycling and Walking

Working in conjunction with the Healthy University Initiative, UCLan promotes the health and environmental benefits of cycling and walking to work. UCLan also participates annually in the National Bike Week and Walk to Work Weeks.


With UCLan Preston being a city based campus, cycling is a great way to get around. It has health benefits, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

UCLan staff and students have access to a range of excellent cycle facilities across campus which help make cycling a viable option for commuting.


UCLan has developed a ‘Walking Campus’ initiative of guided walks led by trained volunteer walk leaders. The project aims to encourage people to take every opportunity to build exercise into their daily lives.

We have a bank of trained walk leaders, both staff and students and the University has worked with Preston City Council to develop five measured mile walks.

Public Transport

As part of the University’s commitment to sustainability, UCLan actively encourages staff, students and visitors to the University to use public transport. We produce a detailed travel guide to provide information on sustainable travel and have negotiated a range of discounts for staff and students. The Preston campus is also conveniently located within easy walking distance of both the railway station (Preston Lancs) and Preston bus station meaning that the University is accessible by public transport.

Park and Ride

In Preston there are two Park & Ride car parks:

  • Port Way (Hartington Road) serves the west of the City
  • Walton-le-Dale (Capitol Centre) serves the south of the City

The cross city service 1 connects both Park and Ride sites with the city centre. Alight at the Railway station from which it is a short (1/2 mile) walk to campus.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is where two or more people travel together on their journey to and from work/study. Sharers benefit from the convenience of travelling by car whilst saving money and alleviating the negative effects of car travel on both global and local environments. Car sharers also benefit from a 50% discount on a University car parking permit.

UCLan have teamed up with ‘Sharedwheels’ to supply secure, private car share groups for UCLan students and UCLan staff to facilitate car sharing.

Journey Planner

A detailed travel map for the UCLan campus and UCLan in Preston has been produced. In addition, travel route guides to UCLan Sports Arena and Westlakes have been produced, see How to Find Us

Journey planners, such as Traveline, allow you to select the most appropriate mode for your trip, compare journey times and carbon emissions for the different modes available.