Research in sustainable development

The Centre for Sustainable Development

The UCLan Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) is part of the University’s investment in research excellence to reinforce its position as a leading research and knowledge transfer institution in North West England.

The CSD is based in the School of the Built and Natural Environment and acts as a bridge between the relevant disciplines of the School in sustainability research and study.

Centre for Energy and Power Management

The Centre for Energy and Power Management (CEPM) is a product of the UCLan-BAE Systems Strategic Partnership. Launched in 2009 its aim is to contribute to UCLan’s vision to be recognised as a centre of excellence for research by 2017 and to be the first choice academic provider of BAE Systems research in energy and power management.

The initiative recognises the need to better manage energy within industrial settings, cut carbon emissions, reduce overall cost and secure supply.

The Centre for Waste Management

The UCLan Centre for Waste Management (CWM) was established in 2002 to provide a focus for existing waste/environmental research, consultancy and course provision at the UCLan. Staff are highly qualified experts in their chosen field and experienced in working with the public and private sectors. CWM provides a wide range of services that aim to help companies cut costs, reduce waste and improve their overall performance.

Institute for Transport and Tourism

The Institute of Transport and Tourism (ITT) aims to provide fresh insights into transport, tourism and sustainable development through a rigorous investigation of issues of mobility in contemporary society.

The ITT has an established track record of delivering high quality research in many aspects of both transport and tourism. We specialise in sustainable travel modes and transport for tourism.