Virtual Tour 3D

Virtual Tour 3D (Header Image)

virtual tours for your phone and Google cardboard

If you'd like to explore our campus but can't make it to one of our open days or campus tours, then we'll bring the campus to you! We've developed a selection of 3D virtual tours to showcase the best of our campus and give you a flavour of what you can expect from #TheUCLanExperience. All you need is your phone and a Google cardboard then you're ready to explore.

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Whitendale accommodation


You can live in comfort at UCLan with a wide range of accommodation available on campus, all just a short walk from teaching buildings. Explore the different types available for your time at UCLan.

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Student Life

Student Life

There's so much do here at UCLan, from clubs and societies to places to just relax with your friends, as well as places for support and wellbeing. Here's just a taster of what is on campus.

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dentistry facility

Teaching Facilities

UCLan covers a broad spectrum of academic areas and has the facilites to support your studies whether it is studying anatomy, creating life size sculptures or arguing the finer points of law.

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Need some help?

To get most from these 3D tours, you'll need a mobile phone and a google cardboard device. Hopefully you've picked up a UCLan cardboard from one of our events! But if not, generic cardboards are available online for a few pounds. If you don't have a phone or cardboard, then don't worry, you can still experience the UCLan campus with our desktop virtual tour.

How to use your Cardboard

Instructions will be on the box but if not, the steps are similar for all Google cardboards. Open up the box and place your phone inside. Once you've selected your experience, press the cardboard 'mask' icon. The screen will split in two, one for each eye. Line up the divider between each eye view with the notch on your cardboard. Close the box up and immerse yourself in the UCLan experience!

Top Tips

Before you start exploring the UCLan campus and its facilities, please make sure you are in a safe location with no hazards! To see all of the tours you'll be moving around, so maybe take a seat before you get started. The cardboards will have protective film on the eye pieces, make sure you remove them before using.