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Validated email When we receive your application, we’ll send you an email to the email address you used on your application, to make sure it’s the right one. You’ll need to click on a link within that email to validate your email address, so we can be sure it’s you we’re emailing. If you change your email address during the application process, e.g. from a school/college email to a personal email, we will resend the validation email.
Conditional Offer An offer to study here that is based on you meeting certain conditions. These conditions are usually academic, and we will normally specify the grades you need in order to confirm your place.  
Unconditional Offer This offer means that you’ve already met the conditions required to study here, so the place is yours if you want it!  
Firm Choice This is your first choice course/institute. It may be a conditional or unconditional offer. Universities usually refer to this as CF (conditional firm) or UF (unconditional firm).
Insurance Choice This is your second choice, and is your backup to your firm choice, in case you don’t meet the entry requirements of your Firm choice. Universities usually refer to this as CI (conditional insurance) or UI (unconditional insurance).
Confirmation Once you have met the conditions of your offer, we will automatically confirm your place on your chosen course, normally through UCAS.  
Clearing An opportunity after results day for students who don’t have a confirmed offer to find a place at University.  
UCAS Personal ID Your unique 10-digit identification number given to you by UCAS once you submit your UCAS application.  
Registration Number A unique 8-digit number preceded by a letter (normally a ‘G’) that identifies you to UCLan. Your Registration Number will be on most correspondence from us. You’re likely to be asked for it if you contact us, so keep it to hand.
UCLan Network Account Once we receive your exam results and you confirm your acceptance onto your course here, we’ll send you an email containing your UCLan network account username and password, which you can use to enrol and access a wide range of services. You’ll use your UCLan network account details to enrol on-line and to access the Student Portal, where you can access teaching materials, timetables and more.
Enrolment For new students, ‘enrolment’ is the formal process of confirming your course details, accepting our rules and regulations and agreeing to pay tuition fees. Enrolment is usually done online before you arrive. Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll send you an email or a letter that says “Acknowledgement of Enrolment”, so you’ll know you’ve enrolled.
Returning students need to enrol at the start of every academic year they’re studying here.
Getting a UCLan ID card doesn’t mean that you’ve enrolled.
Once you receive your UCLan network account username and password, you can login to the student portal and find out when online enrolment is open for your course.
For more information about enrolling go to
Induction Induction refers to the wide range of activities you’ll experience when you first arrive at UCLan. During ‘Induction’ you’ll receive information about your course and meet other students and tutors; complete administrative tasks (such as ID checks) and have the opportunity to take part in various ‘Freshers’ events.
If you’re going to be living in our halls of residence, we require all residents to complete e-induction, which is different to course induction. E-induction covers essential information you’ll need about health, safety and security whilst living in halls of residence.
Once your place at UCLan is confirmed, our Admissions team will send you an induction pack, which includes an induction guide booklet, containing lots of information about what you will be doing during induction and where to get help and information.
Fresher A ‘Fresher’ is the name given to a new student who is ‘fresh’ to the University. There are lots of activities for ‘Freshers’ designed to help you settle in, make friends, and have fun during your first few weeks here at UCLan.  
myUCLan This is the name for two important services at UCLan: our Student Portal and our student record services interface.
The Student Portal allows you to access your online learning materials, timetables and attendance records, and also to submit assignments, get assignment grades, connect with your tutors and more.
The student record service interface allows you to update contact details, check if you’ve passed a module, enrol on your course, register for an elective module, and much more.
Once you have your UCLan network account username and password, you can login to the Student Portal via the ‘student’ tab on the top right of our homepage
You can access your student record service interface from the Student Portal.
UCLan Card/
University ID Card
A credit-card sized plastic ID card you’ll need if you’re studying at UCLan’s Preston or Burnley Campuses. It’s used to access some buildings (eg, the library), is scanned to register your attendance at classes, and used wherever you need to prove your status as a UCLan student. It also shows your UCLan network account username and password. To upload a photo for your UCLan card go to:


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Other Useful Info

Can a student bring a car to university?

As a city-centre campus, parking is very limited and is not available for those living in halls of residence. Students living in our halls of residence won’t need to travel by car – all the halls are within easy walking distance of all University buildings, the town centre, railway station and bus station.

For those living off campus at home or houses away from the main campus and the city centre, it may be easier to park at their accommodation.

On-campus parking permits are only available for those living more than 20 miles away, for a charge.

Are there opportunities for working while studying?

Many students take on part-time work to pay towards their University expenses and gain valuable employment experience. Being in the heart of the city, there are plenty of job opportunities close to campus.

The Bridge Student Employment Service is a one-stop shop for students at UCLan who are looking for part-time, temporary or holiday work.  The team here can help students to find appropriate job vacancies with specific skills or for those who want to work in a specific area.  All employers who register with The Bridge must agree to recognised standards such as minimum wage and health and safety regulations. 
So that studies won’t be affected, we recommend students work no more than 17 hours per week during term time.

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