Welcome - Arrival Information


Registration with UCLan comprises of 2 parts:

PART 1 - Completion of Course Enrolment with UCLan.

If you have not yet done so, you need to enrol here.

PART 2 – Completion of Registration Check – FOR STUDENTS STARTING A NEW COURSE


It is important for all new students to attend Registration. Failing to do so will stall any student finance funds from being released to you (if you have applied for them) and it will also prevent you from starting your course at the University.

This includes providing proof of ID at a registration event.

We accept the following types of ID:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • European ID Card

See below for specific Registration Events:

On campus (Preston) Students (All Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught) – attend a Registration Event between 16 and 19 September 2018 in Venue 53.

Sunday 16 September 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
Mon-Wed 17 - 19 September 8.00 am – 6.00 pm

After this date produce your proof of ID to either a Hub or The <i> (see below for opening hours)

The <i> Term Time Monday – Friday 8am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm
Hubs Monday – Thursday 8.45am to 5pm Friday 8.45am to 4pm

Find your Hub here.

International students on campus (Preston) Students – Upon arrival, Student to attend The <i> for Immigration and qualification checks: Student to bring Offer Letter, Passport/Visas, Original Qualifications including English, and other relevant documentation.

Burnley Campus - We will have several registration events at Burnley Campus.  These sessions will take place mid-day on Monday 17 September, on the morning of Tuesday 18  September and on the morning of Friday 21 September alongside a welcome breakfast.  Please bring one of the above forms of ID to the registration event. There will be a bespoke induction event for Degree Apprenticeship and Postgraduate Taught students on Thursday 20 September. Invitations will be sent shortly.

Westlakes Campus - Please attend the registration event on the morning of the 17 September where your ID will be checked when you have your visa and qualifications checked.  If you arrive after this date, please produce your proof of ID to student services in room SLB017 on the ground floor of the Samuel Lindow building.

Degree Apprentices – The Registration event for Degree Apprenticeship students will take place in Harrington Building on Saturday 22 September 10am – 11am. If you are unable to attend on this date, you will be able to attend the main Registration event in Venue 53 (details above). Invitations to the bespoke Induction event to be held on the morning of 22 September will be sent out soon.

Postgraduate Students - There is a bespoke Induction event for Postgraduate students on the afternoon of 22 September. Invitations will be sent out soon.

Postgraduate Taught Students - If you are unable to attend on this date, you will be able to attend the main Registration event in Venue 53 (details above).

Postgraduate Research Students – Please provide your ID at the Research Student Registry Office, Harris Building 104.

Partner Students - you will be asked to provide proof of ID by your Partner Institution.

Cyprus Students – there are various registration events taking place on campus between 20 - 27 September. You will shortly receive an invitation to attend one of the registration events specific to your course – please ensure you bring your ID/Passport with you.