Revision Advice

Here at the University of Central Lancashire, we recognise that applying to university, whilst cramming for your finals can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together these simple tips to let you know that you’re not alone and to help beat those stressful moments!

Dr Sarita Robinson's - Top Stress Tips


To take time out by scheduling breaks into your timetable.


This is often a symptom of stress, so get plenty of sleep during stressful times in your life.

Listen to your body

If you get symptoms of stress such as headaches, stomach aches or skin problems, this is your body’s way of telling you to slow down!

Always try to be organised

By using lists, timetables and schedules, so that things don’t seem too overwhelming.


Exercise uses up excess energy that stress produces and helps stop you getting symptoms of stress. And it makes you feel good!



Dr. Sandi Mann’s - Top Revision Tips & Techniques

Exams fast approaching? Our Dr. Sandi Mann is also on-hand with some helpful hints and top tips for making revision a breeze!

Make it interesting

Avoid long passive tasks like copying down notes. Instead, link your revision notes to a novel idea, unusual picture or fascinating fact.


Turn your revision material into something fun – draw a picture, make the information into a song or even create a YouTube video to help others revise the topic.


You shouldn’t revise for more than 20 minutes in one sitting. However, you only need a 5 minute break before you start revising again!


Make sure you understand where the information you are revising fits into the ‘big picture’ – information is easier to remember if you have a context.

Rephrase and Explain

It’s much easier to remember material that you understand. In your own words, explain the topic you are revising to a friend, a parent, your pet or even to yourself in a mirror!.

You can do it

By relaxing and following Dr Sandi Mann’s stress takeaway and revision tips, you can trust that you are equipped to successfully complete your exam!