Aga Khan School Kenya Scholarship

For International Students

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To celebrate our partnership with Aga Khan School , scholarships of £2,000 per year are available to all students who successfully complete their high school education at Aga Khan School during 2019/20 and choose to progress to UCLan for their undergraduate degree study in 2020/21.

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Students must be enrolled on a high school study programme at Aga Khan School in Turi, Kenya ( Students must meet the entry requirements for their UCLan programme of study, as detailed on the UCLan website, and choose to progress to an undergraduate programme at the University of Central Lancashire in the academic year 2020/21 (with the exception of the MBBS programme).

Students in receipt of this scholarship could also be eligible for the International Bursary of £1000 per year (if applicable).

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Application Process

There is no requirement to make a formal application for this scholarship. The Admissions Team will detail the scholarship on your offer letter for your degree programme; reducing the tuition fee payable for each year of study on your chosen programme.