Contextualised Admissions Bursary

Type of Award: Bursary
Year of Entry: 2023/24
Study Level: Undergraduate


We recognise that the last two years have been very challenging for young people and learning has been impacted. To help support students eligible for a contextualised offer (who are from areas of relative disadvantage, with lower rates of participation in higher education, as well as those students who have spent time in the care system) we are offering a bursary of £250 in their first year of study. This bursary is intended to support students’ engagement with learning in their first year of study (Year 0 or Year 1) by helping with the cost of living and purchasing learning materials.

There is no need to apply for this bursary, it is automatically applied.

If you are on a foundation entry course and receive a bursary in Year 0, you will not receive a second in Year 1. A payment will be made once eligibility has been confirmed. The payment will typically be processed at the end of November subject to confirming your details with us. Further information about contextualised admissions.