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Global Experiences

Worldwise runs events and workshops throughout the year to give you a global experience on campus. See below for details of some of our events.

International Film Festival

Taking place during the autumn term each year, the International Film Festival provides a fantastic opportunity to experience world languages and cultures on the big screen. A feast of world cinema, the Festival regularly screens work from Japan, China and the Arab World alongside the best new European releases. This year, due to Coronavirus restrictions we will be holding the festival via Netflix Party. Watch this space for further details or get in touch with us.

Worldwise Photo Competition

We are putting together a calendar for 2021 and we want you to be a part of it. To enter, send up to 5 landscape photographs to with a short description of what each one is about. Winning entries will give an insight into a country’s customs, culture or people. View the Worldwise 2020 calendar for inspiration. Terms and conditions apply.

Worldwise International Book Club

The Worldwise International Book Club meets each month to chat about fiction from around the globe. It is perfect for those who love to read and immerse themselves in other cultures. All Book Club meetings are held on a Friday at 12pm and will be online via Microsoft Teams in semester one. The book club is free and everyone is welcome. Please sign up below if you would like to attend. We have a limited number of books available to borrow for each meeting in the original and in the English translation. Please e-mail to request a copy.

16 Oct 2020: 'The Twenty Days of Turin' by Giorgio De Maria

Translated from the Italian original, 'Le venti giornate di Torino', by Ramon Glazov.
First published in 1977 and translated into English in 2017, Giorgio de Maria’s 'The Twenty Days of Turin' is set during Italy’s ‘years of lead’ a period of intensely violent political terrorism. For contemporary readers though, it has also become a tale about the dark side of social media written 30 years before it was invented. (Register here for free)

20 Nov 2020: 'Crossing the Mangrove' by Maryse Condé

Translated from the French original, 'Traversée de la Mangrove', by Richard Philcox.
'Crossing the Mangrove' is a powerful tale of village life on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe from celebrated francophone author Maryse Condé winner of the New Academy Prize in Literature. Set during the funeral of Francis Sancher, a newcomer to the village, the novel explores the legacies of colonialism on the island. (Register here for free)

22 Jan 2021: 'Little Eyes' by Samanta Schweblin

Translated from the Spanish original, 'Kentukis', by Megan McDowell.
How would you like to observe the life of a family on the other side of the world without leaving your own home? Or maybe you would like to give a stranger access to your own life? This is the premise of Samanta Schweblin’s International Booker longlisted novel 'Little Eyes' in which a craze for the Kentuki soft toy gadget is sweeping the globe. You can buy a toy for yourself or a connection to someone else’s. Utopia or dystopia? Fiction or reality? (Register here for free)

26 Feb 2021: 'Honey, I Killed the Cats' by Dorota Masłowska

Translated from the Polish original, 'Kochanie, zabiłam nasze koty', by Benjamin Paloff.
Dorota Masłowska’s 'Honey, I Killed the Cat's takes a satiric look at female friendship and the desire for fulfilment in the consumer culture of late capitalism in which the media and advertising industries define who we are. (Register here for free)

19 Mar 2021: 'Breasts and Eggs' by Meiko Kawakami

Translated from the Japanese original, 'Chichi to ran', by Sam Brett and David Boyd.
Winner of the Akutagawa Award, Japan’s highest literary honour, Breasts and Eggs is Japanese sensation Meiko Kawakami’s first novel to be translated into English. It looks at womanhood in contemporary Japan through the lives of three working class women. (Register here for free)

16 Apr 2021: 'Cold Skin' by Albert Sánchez Piñol

Translated from the Catalan original, 'La pell freda', Cheryl Leah Morgan.
A man travels to the Arctic circle to take up a job as a weather observer but finds himself under attack from sea creatures. Cold Skin is a study of the violence of human survival from one of the most successful writers in the Catalan language, Albert Sánchez Piñol. (Register here for free)

Worldwise Language Exchange

Meet other students from around the world and learn about their language and culture in exchange for sharing yours! To join the scheme please visit the Language Exchange page on Microsoft Teams.

Worldwise Samba Drummers

UCLan has its own International Samba Band! The band has performed at music events in Preston and other venues in Lancashire and is looking for new members. No previous experience is required - complete beginners are welcome as well as the most advanced percussionists. 

To find out more or to join Worldwise Samba Drummers please message them on Facebook.