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Welcome to the Worldwise Centre!

The Worldwise Centre is open year-round and offers advice and support to anybody interested in world languages and cultures, travelling, and working or studying abroad. It also provides a comfortable place to meet and make friends with speakers of different languages in a welcoming environment.

The Centre offers courses in a range of languages. With 25 languages to choose from and different pathways to suit each learner’s unique skills and learning style, we have the learning route to suit you. To find out more about the available study options click here or get in touch with us.

Those with an interest in different languages and cultures can access extensive resources, including self-study books, digital video and audio material, easy readers and international literature.

In addition, the Centre offers facilities where you can access specialist language learning software, such as SDL Trados, SANAKO 1200, Rosetta Stone and a wide selection of international TV channels. You can download Your Guide to the Worldwise Learning Centre at UCLan here.

Being an international hub at the heart of Preston campus, the Centre hosts various social activities throughout the year including cultural celebration events, exhibitions, guest talks and the annual International Film Festival.

Look out for:
The Worldwise Digital Hub
Worldwise Events taking place throughout the year
The Language Exchange Programme
Support for your Global Adventures
Employment Abroad and Internship opportunities 

If you want to find out more about the Worldwise Centre or its activities, please contact us: Tel: 01772 894248 and 893155


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