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Who are the Student Wellbeing Ambassadors team?

All of our wellbeing ambassadors are current students, just like yourself, who have received specialised training to support all UCLan students. Our team are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best experience at UCLan helping to break down barriers and facilitating independence.ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors provide one-to-one support for students of various ages, genders, races, disabilities, sexual orientations or religions. The team also support students with temporary ailments or anyone who just need help to adjust to university life.

When does the service run?

The standard weekly service runs:
Monday - Friday
8am – 5pm to support students during the day this includes to timetabled sessions, the canteen, meetings and the library.
5pm – 9pm to support students to late timetabled events such as societies, late lectures and the library.
For support to University events or trips the SWA team will provide support at the weekends.

How do we arrange the SWA Support?

Support from the Wellbeing Ambassador team will be recommended through your Inclusive Support Adviser or Officer if it is found the support would benefit you. Our team will then contact you directly to discuss your individual support needs and organise support sessions with a Wellbeing Ambassador.

To manage and coordinate your support we use a system call Cudos, once we have a plan in place for your support, you will receive a welcome email from Cudos. Cudos allows you to see your daily or monthly support in a calendar format, with details of which ambassador is supporting you and where the support is taking place.

What support do we provide?

The Wellbeing Ambassador team receive training to provide a range of support, including:
• Mobility Support: Each ambassador receives specialist training in order to support students with mobility issues, wheelchair users and visual impairments.

• Library Support: Our team can assist you with the retrieval of books, accessing the library catalogue, printing and other library facilities.

• Orientation: This support is designed to help students find their way around the university within the first few weeks, the ambassadors will assist you to and from your timetabled sessions, to registration and other events such as Freshers and Society fairs.

• Notetaking/Scribing: Ambassadors are able to take notes in your lecture or assist you with typing up your assignments.

• Mentoring: Meet with an ambassador each week to discuss university life, organisation and wellbeing advice.

• Assistive Technology support: Our team can assist you by offering refresher sessions on assistive software available on the network for example Read & Write.

• Video Captioning: We have a team of fully trained captioners that ensure all audio content used in teaching is subtitled.

• Workshop and Lab support: Our ambassador studying SPLD courses will support you during workshop and lab sessions.

• Societies: Our ambassadors can support you to societies and clubs run through the Student Union

ambassadors The SWA team also support students on course trips!
The ambassadors provide support on both day trips and residential trips. The team have already supported students on a variety of trips including an outdoor adventure trip to Wales, city trip to Belfast and in the summer of 2019 the team are supporting students on a trip Cyprus.