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Useful links & resources

In this section you will information about how to help yourself, with useful links and information about dealing with stress and other issues.

Please visit our self help with common issues page for an A-Z of common problems people face while at uni.

Sometimes student life is a lot to juggle. Headroom aims to give practical information and links to support you. You’re not on your own if you’re feeling pressured or struggling. Talking to friends, lecturers or services as soon as possible is a great first step. The SU and UCLan work together so go to someone who you are happy talking to and they will help you get to the right service, you can’t get it wrong, just start somewhere. Staff at the SU and UCLan have supported and advised many students. These experiences help us to understand what you are going through.


The Big White Wall - an online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other, guided by trained professionals.

The NHS has a selection of self help leaflets which cover many issues such as Alcohol, Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Self Harm and Stress: 

Benefits of exercise

Exercise and mental health (factsheet)
Exercise and anxiety (factsheet)


Useful links for International students

The Counselling, Mental Health & Wellbeing team are experienced in seeing students from a wide range of cultures and countries. We are aware that sometimes students may feel cut off from family, friends and their own country. If these feelings persist then daily life and study can be severely affected. Counsellors in Student Support & Wellbeing will be able to talk to you about your issues; help you to understand what is happening; what it means to you; how it is affecting you and enable you to deal with these issues.


The Student Health Guide is written by students, for students, and is all about making the most of your time at uni, having fun while staying safe and healthy.