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Advice for students travelling overseas

Before Travel


• Ensure your passport meets the requirements of the country you are visiting. Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return date.
• Make a copy your passport before travel and keep it separate from the original (to use in the case of an emergency replacement). Also leave a copy at home with someone who could send this to you if needed.


• Depending on your nationality (country your passport has been issued by) you may need a visa to visit certain countries.
• For University arranged trips, your Trip Leader will support you with your application. You must meet the deadlines, or you cannot travel. Some Embassies require personal application for biometric recording and most visas require that full details of the itinerary, flights, hotels and other arrangements are in place prior to visa application being submitted.
• If you have arranged the trip yourself, you will need to contact the Embassy of the country you will be visiting to obtain details of requirements and the application process.


• Depending on the country being visited you may need one or more vaccinations. Advice can be found at
• You should get advice at least eight weeks before you are due to travel, as some vaccinations are needed well in advance.
• Contact your GP or practice nurse to find out whether your existing UK jabs are up-to-date (they can tell from your notes), alternatively the University Medical Centre offer a full travel and vaccination service.

Medical History

• You must tell your UCLan Trip Leader about any pre-existing medical conditions, as special arrangements may be required.
• If you are making your own arrangements, please tell your own insurer, or if you are using a UCLan bursary please notify
• Remember to include the details of any conditions that you are awaiting in/out patients treatment for and any conditions that are awaiting results.
• You must not travel against the advice of a medical practitioner
• For certain conditions, you may be required to provide a “Fit to Fly” note from your GP to ensure that your insurance is still valid if you need medical help abroad.

* If you do not follow this process properly, you will be personally responsible for all costs incurred. These costs can be very high if overseas medical aid is required.

If you need to cancel the trip (before travel) due to medical reasons:
• Inform the UCLan Trip Leader, providing a copy of the evidence from your GP /Hospital. If you have made your own travel arrangements and these are self-funded, please contact the provider of your flights and insurance company directly.

Useful contact information & numbers


Help needed during travel abroad - Q&A

Medical and non-medical assistance is provided for students undertaking travel organised by UCLan. If you are booking your travel independently, please ensure your insurer provides this level of support.

You can download and print off this AONProtect Assistance card

44 (0)20 7173 7797 please quote policy number 18-PAT-0000000458
Website: (Password for access to the website is 7797)

I become unwell, have an accident or have been injured

• Inform your Trip Leader.
• For minor illness or injury seek local medical attention and keep receipts so you can claim any costs back from your (or UCLan’s) Insurance company.
• In the event of serious illness or injury, assistance MUST be obtained from AonProtect Assistance, any time, day or night. AonProtect will provide advice on where and how to obtain the best local treatment and help get you back to the UK.

You have been detained by the police

• Inform the Trip Lead if you are part of a University group.
• For UK passport holders, contact the British Embassy or Consulate in the country you are visiting -
• For Non-UK passport holders, seek advice from the embassy or consulate from the country that issued your passport
• If you are travelling alone, please also contact your family or Student Services +44 (0)1772 896333

My passport has been lost or stolen

• For UK passport holders, contact the British Embassy or Consulate in the country you are visiting in order to obtain a replacement passport or emergency travel document. Details of Embassy addresses can be found on the FCO website: Please look under passports & visas/what to do if lost or stolen and click on British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
• For Non-UK passport holders seek advice from the embassy or consulate from the country that issued your passport

The airline lost my baggage

• Before leaving the airport, inform the airline and obtain a loss report (you will need your luggage receipts, these are provided, when your baggage is checked in).
• In most cases the airline will know where your baggage is and endeavour to get it to you within 48 -72hrs (you may need to collect it from the airport)
• If the baggage is permanently lost
o Document to the fullest extent possible the items in the baggage including value.
o Where possible provide original purchase receipts for items in baggage / written estimates for replacement.

Personal or UCLan items/equipment have been lost or stolen

• Report the details to the police as soon as the incident occurs, but no later than 48 hours later. If you are unable to obtain a police report, request an incident number. You can also ask an organisation e.g. hotel to confirm the loss / theft in writing for you.
• On return, inform your insurers (or the UCLAN Insurance Team if the trip is organised by UCLan) if you need to make a claim.
In order to submit a claim you will need:
1. Police report / written notification of the loss or theft.
2. Original purchase receipts where available
3. Written estimate for replacement items.

The departure of my flight has been delayed (more than 4 hours)

• Obtain as much evidence as possible of the delay (e.g. photos of departure boards).
• Ask the airline to provide written confirmation of the delay.

I missed my flight connection

• If you are travelling with a University group, the Trip Leader will make appropriate arrangements with the airline.
• If you are travelling on your own, make contact with the airline at the airport, they have a responsibility to rebook you, or make alternative arrangements. Inform your Trip Leader so they know where you are.

You need to come back to the UK sooner, or later than planned

• For UCLan-organised trips, inform the Trip Leader who will make appropriate arrangements on your behalf.
• If you have booked your own flights, please contact your flight provider directly.

There is a family emergency and your family need to contact you urgently

• Your family should in the first instance try to contact you directly.
• If your family cannot contact you directly, they should contact Student Services on 44 (0)1772 896333 (available 24/7) who will make contact with the Trip Leader.

Your hotel does not have your booking

• For University Groups, the Trip Leader will provide hotel confirmation documents and take any actions to resolve the issue.
• If you have booked your own travel, provide the hotel with copies of your bookings and request a new booking. If they cannot accommodate you, make alternative arrangements and ensure you retain any receipts. Where in exceptional circumstances you are not able to make alternative arrangements locally and the University has arranged your trip, contact the Travel Office.

I want to undertake a dangerous activity whilst away (e.g. scuba diving, hang-gliding etc)

• Inform your insurer (or the UCLan Insurance Team if the trip is organised by UCLan) of the activities you wish to pursue prior to undertaking the activity.
• The University Insurance policy does not cover “action sports” without prior agreement
• Any activity undertaken without receiving confirmation of insurance cover, will not be covered. Should the worst happen, any loss or injury suffered will not be covered by insurance and you will be personally liable for the costs.

Useful contact information & numbers

Medical Emergency - Serious injury or illness

In the event of serious illness or injury abroad assistance MUST be obtained by contacting AonProtect Assistance, at any time, day or night.
44 (0)20 7173 7797 please quote policy number 18-PAT-0000000458
Website: (Password for access to the website is 7797)

Student Services emergency contact

44 (0)1772 896333 (available 24/7)
Deaf users please text 07891 679 537

Insurance – David Barton-Sharratt
44 (0)1772 894004   / 

University Travel Office
44 (0)1772 892201 / 02 / 00 /

University Medical Centre

Vaccination & Health advice

FCO website: