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Student Timetables

Students and staff can click on the following link to view their own personalised timetable. You will be asked to log in with your UCLan username and password to gain access:

If you don't have your username and password, you should click the following link to complete your online enrolment:


How do I access my online timetable?

You can see the timetable for the current day in the Student Portal
To see future events click on the Weekly Timetable link, you can scroll through future weeks in that view. You can also access your personalised daily timetable from your mobile phone using a QR reader with the QR code below:
QR Code
Alternatively, type this link directly into your browser:

How are changes to my timetable communicated?

Changes within 7 days of a class will be emailed directly to your UCLan student email account.
Changes made within 24 hours should be communicated to you by text from your School. Timetable changes that have been requested by your lecturer several weeks in advance will just be updated on your online timetable so check it regularly just in case!

How can I find the room/ building I’m timetabled to be in?

You can find your building's code on the Preston campus map.
Room numbers are based on floors so numbers under 100 (001-099)are on the Ground Floor, 100-199 are on the First Floor, 200-299 on the Second Floor, and so on.

Can I book a room on campus?

We have a range of bookable study spaces available for single or multiple use.
If these aren't what you're looking for, ask your lecturer to book a room for you (as students cannot book teaching space). If you do use these spaces please ensure you return the space to its original condition before you leave (discrepancies/damages will be referred back to your lecturer).
If you are looking for a regular space to hold your group's meetings, you can contact the Students' Union who might be able to book and space for clubs and societies and films.

What should I do if I can’t attend a class?

If you cannot attend a class you should liaise with your tutors to catch up on any missed learning.

What should I do if I attend a class and no one is in the room on my timetable?

Firstly, if there is a display screen outside the room, check and see if your class is showing on there. Double-check your timetable and email account to see if any last minute changes have occurred. If the event and room are still showing on your timetable for the date, please contact your lecturer or CAS hub

A module I am registered for isn’t on my online timetable – why is this?

To check which modules you are currently registered to, go to myUCLan Study Record, then select 'Services for Students' the 'View Course Information'. If your modules are missing and you haven't recently submitted a module registration form, alert your CAS hub immediately
Registered modules should appear on your online timetable, and as study spaces in Blackboard eLearn, within 24 hours of appearing on your study record. Your CAS hub is responsible for adding modules to your study record so advise them straight away if modules are missing.
If modules are showing on your study record but not on your timetable check you are looking at the right semester on the timetable (e.g. modules for semester two should only start appearing in semester two). If modules on your study record aren’t showing at all on your timetable, then contact your CAS hub who will advise you which classes to attend while they rectify the problem.

Why does my timetable change?

Timetable changes occur for various reasons e.g.: a lecturer is off sick, the room isn't suitable for your session, or your lecturer has changed so we need to move the day/time of your session. You should be informed of last-minute changes by email or SMS but should check your online timetable daily (e.g. via the Student Portal) to double-check.

My lecturer has changed the day/time of my class – why does my online timetable not reflect this?

Sometimes changes requested by lecturers cannot be made on the timetable until a few days before the class happens. If your lecturer has asked for the change to be reflected on your timetable this will happen before the class takes place. However, lecturers sometimes swap classes with colleagues or move seminars around without ensuring the changes are made to students’ timetables – causing confusion. If this has happened to you, and it’s not a one-off change for one week, please advise your lecturer so they know they need to get your timetable updated without delay.

I need to/want to change my seminar group – how do I do this?

In some cases it's possible to move students between seminars/ groups but often this is not possible for health and safety or teaching workload reasons.
If you are having real problems attending the seminar or group you’ve been allocated to contact your CAS hub initially to request the change.

I’m not on the register in the class I am attending – why is this?

The class register is linked to the online timetable. Check your online timetable shows the classes you are attending. If the timetable is incorrect, or the class is missing, alert your CAS hub as soon as possible. You may get email alerts in the meantime as the system will know you are attending classes that are not on your timetable. There is further information on the Attendance Monitoring page that explains how you're registered as being in class.

Why shouldn’t I print my timetable out?

If you print out your timetable it is likely it will at some point become out of date. Therefore it is essential that you check your timetable regularly for up to date information.

I have a clash on my timetable – what should I do?

This usually indicates a serious problem. Contact your CAS hub without delay to find out what you need to do. They may be able to move you to an alternative class for one of the modules, or one of the modules on your record may be registered incorrectly. They should also be able to tell you which class you ‘should’ attend and what to do about the other class while they sort your timetable out. Keep an eye out for the changes on your online timetable so you know where you should be in future weeks.