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Thinking of changing your course?

Firstly, don’t worry!

The <i> Student Information Centre can provide you with practical and easy to follow advice to help you make the right choices if you’re feeling unsure about your course.

Help us to help you!

There’s lots of reasons why you might be feeling like this so it’s valuable if you have a think about your current situation and what you want to change. Remember you’re not alone – there’s lots of support we can offer you.

Finally, act fast!

If you’re going to make a change to your course it’s usually easier to do so within the first semester and preferably early on. Whilst you’re still deciding, we advise that you continue to attend your course.

Before you make your decision

Consider sticking with your current course. Talk to your current Course Leader, Academic Advisor or other Tutor you feel comfortable talking to.
There may be options or support for your current course that may make you re-think your decision:

  • It could be that the course changes in subject content as it progresses.
  • There may be a possibility to change modules you are currently studying to other modules or a different route on the course you may find more enjoyable.
  • There may be further support with your work that a tutor on the course can provide you.

We also have Library and IT Training available to assist you in your studies.

If there are personal circumstances affecting your study, visit or contact The <i> where staff will be happy to talk with you about support services in place to help students.
You may be able to apply for an extension on your work or extenuating circumstances to potentially help you get additional time for your studies. Consider taking a break in your study: It may not be that the course is wrong, but that you need some time out for any number of reasons, recognising this can often have a positive impact upon your studies. It may be that suspending your studies for a while may help.

Research new course options

Want to see what other courses UCLan offer? Search through our list of UCLan courses. You can also speak to Course Leaders and Admissions Tutors, to find out more about course content and entry requirements. For details of Course Leaders and Admissions Tutors, contact The <i> or your Campus Admin Hub.

Visit UCLan Careers to confirm which courses will meet your needs in terms of your career aspirations.

Potential implications to consider when changing course

To talk through the potential implications of course transfers contact The <i>.
Potential implications of change worth considering include:

  • Student Finance, including both Tuition Fees & Funding.
  • Possible Interruption to studies if a course transfer is not immediate
  • International (Non UK/EU) Student Tier 4 implications
  • What has already been studied/achieved - Is there anything previously studied in modules or academic years that is relevant to the new course, meaning a particular entry level.



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