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Testimonials from first years

"PASS actively helps me with assignments and work because of the experience and knowledge of advanced students.”
1st Year Computing Student

 "PASS is a good chance to talk to students on the same course in a higher year and share ideas/get advice. It is a good preparation for exams and assignments." 
1st Year Computing Student

"I like that it’s a chilled out environment where learning is fun." 
1st Year Criminology Student

"PASS helps because we can go over work from the past week if we didn’t understand it fully."
1st Year Forensic and Applied Science Student

"There is a lot I like about PASS. I like our two Leaders as they are helpful and amazing."
1st Year Law Student

"PASS helped me make friends and it is good that we are able to share both personal issues as well as academic."
1st Year Psychology Student

"I like PASS because we are able to choose what we want help with."
1st Year Neuroscience Student

"It is very informal and a good opportunity to ask questions and bring issues up."
1st Year Maths Student

Testimonials from our PASS Leaders

"Becoming a PASS Leader has benefited myself as much as the students who attend. My self-confidence and social skills have significantly improved, and I now openly face new challenges with great esteem."
3rd Year Computing Leader

"The PASS Scheme has not only benefitted the students but also myself. I am now more self-aware which is extremely important in work environments. I'm so grateful for this opportunity."
2nd Year Maths Leader

"Helping first years has been very rewarding. I wish PASS Leaders could have helped me when I came to Uni." 
3rd Year Maths Leader

"It’s been a really good year; I feel like I’ve made big improvements not only in myself but in the capabilities of my mentees. I feel that they have enjoyed it and have benefited greatly from it, as have I."
2nd Year Psychology Leader