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School Retention Leads

Those students wishing to Withdraw from Study must arrange to meet with their School Retention Lead. Students should take their completed form to their Retention Lead who will check you have considered all the options available to you and can refer to relevant services for further support if appropriate.

If a student decides it is in their best interests to withdraw from their studies the Retention Lead will provide academic advice regarding implications for the student and confirm with the student both the reasons for the withdrawal and ensure the accurate recording of the date of withdrawal.

If a student submits the form electronically, a meeting between the Retention Lead and the student could be held via Skype or telephone.

Students must submit the completed, signed, and stamped “Withdrawal from Study” form to the reception desk within a CAS Hub within three working days of the form being signed and completed by the Retention Lead. Students will be formally notified of confirmation of their Withdrawal from Study within 3 working days of the submission of their form.

More information on Withdrawal from Study.

Faculty of Business, Law and Applied Social Studies:

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise - Mark Rees / 01772 894723
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) – Julie Hardy / 01772 895955

Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences:

School of Dentistry – Vicky Buller  / 01772 895879
School of Medicine – Cathy Jackson / 01772 895907
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences – Elaine Court / 01772 893591

Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries

School of Art, Design and Fashion – Angie Jones / 01772 893368
School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies – Ed Griffith / 01772 89425
School of Journalism, Media and Performance – Jim Thompson / 01772 893371
Lancashire Law School – Michael Doherty / 01772 893949

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

School of Community Health and Midwifery – Carol Mashhadi / 01772 895594
School of Health Sciences – Anna Clampin / 01772 895598
School of Nursing – Sarla Gandhi / 01772 893623 
School of Social Work, Care and Community – Jez Buffin / 01772 895408
School of Sport and Wellbeing – Bryan Jones / 01772 894918

Faculty of Science and Technology

School of Engineering – Jonathan Francis / 01772 893229
School of Forensic and Applied Sciences – Andy Johnson / 01772 894259
School of Physical Sciences and Computing –  Rob Smith  / 01772 894384
School of Psychology – Dr Sarita Robinson / 01772 894494