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Why should I be a PASS leader?

By becoming a Leader you will see many benefits through the skills you acquire, the connections you make and the person you become.
From speaking to Leaders, below is a list of some of the benefits that they have received from their role:

• You will receive payment for undertaking the role.
• You’ll find it enjoyable and meet many other students with similar interests. This will help you form a community within your degree.
• You will be offered continual professional workshops to help you with employability and leadership skills. These are only available to PASS Leaders.
• You will gain and develop many soft skills which employers look for through planning, organising, time management and liaising with students and staff. You can also get involved in event management, and advertising and promoting your scheme if you are active.
• As a Leader you will have a chance to help develop your scheme alongside other students and staff. You will also play a vital part in relaying the first year experience back to the Staff members. This will be very rewarding and insightful.
• ‘PASS Leading’ will also be on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) which will help you stand out to employers when you graduate.

A typical week being a PASS Leader should require no more than 3 hours commitment. One hour for organising your session with your Co-Leader, one hour delivering it and a one hour debrief.

What incentives are there for me to become involved as a PASS Leader?

We really value and appreciate every student who helps to support our programme, and we want to offer you as many opportunities as possible.


As a PASS Leader you are providing a valuable service to the University and Directorate appreciate this and think that it is worthy of financial remuneration. As a Leader you will be paid for your training time, for one hour’s preparation, facilitation of a session and attending the De-brief meeting each week that PASS is operating throughout the academic year. You will also have access to a whole range of resources to help you facilitate your sessions and you will receive UCLan PASS merchandise and printer credits.

Skills Development Course

We offer Continual Professional Development courses just for you to help you improve your skill set, employability worth and leadership styles. Regular attendance at these workshops will additionally be verified on your HEAR transcript.

Open Days

There are volunteering opportunities to represent PASS here at UCLan information events such as open days. You will have the opportunity to connect with future students and share your experiences with them and their parents, answering their questions and introducing them to the support that is available. This is also a paid role.

PASS Symposium

Each year we hold a Symposium to have an opportunity to shout out about all the great things we are doing as part of PASS. You will be invited to come along to this and talk to staff and students about PASS and how they might get involved.

Social Events

At Christmas we hold an informal party to thank you all for your efforts and at the end of the academic year we hold a rewards and celebration event where awards are presented for our star Leaders under a number of categories.