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Why should I be a PASS leader?

By becoming a Leader you will see many benefits through the skills you acquire, the connections you make and the person you become.
From speaking to Leaders, below is a list of some of the benefits that they have received from their role:

• You’ll find it enjoyable and meet many other students with similar interests.
• You will be offered continual professional workshops to help you with employability and leadership skills. These are only available to PASS Leaders.
• Being a PASS Leader is a great addition to your CV and will really enhance it. The skills you gain through PASS are sought after by employers.
• As a Leader you will have a chance to help develop your scheme alongside other students and staff. You will also play a vital part in relaying the first year experience back to the Staff members. 
• You'll receive payment for undertaking the role.

What incentives are there for me to become involved as a PASS Leader?

We really value and appreciate every student who helps to support our programme, and we want to offer you as many opportunities as possible. As well as greatly enhancing your CV, there are also the following incentives to become involved with PASS:
• Paid employment
• UCLan PASS merchandise
• Printer credits to help you prepare for your sessions
• Networking Opportunities
• The chance to be involved with the improvement of the delivery of your course
• Social Events

A typical week being a PASS Leader should require no more than 3 hours commitment. One hour for organising your session with your Co-Leader, one hour delivering it and a one hour debrief, where you will meet with a PASS Co-ordinator and the course’s Academic Lead to feedback what you did in your previous session and what is planned for the next one.