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Thinking of Withdrawing/Leaving Study?

Let us help you continue your studies at UCLan and build upon the time you have invested so far. Seek help as early as possible to ensure you are informed about the consequences of what you plan to do.

Postgraduate Research Students should view advice regarding PGR Withdrawal from Study

Consider your options:

  • Seek academic advice on your withdrawal from your Retention Lead (find out who your School Retention Lead is) your Course Leader or Academic Advisor.
  • Interruption to Study: An approved break from study for one or two semesters where you do not attend class nor submit work for assessment
  • Transfer: If you feel that you are not on the right course for you, why not consider changing your course?
  • Apply for extenuating circumstances to potentially help you get the time/ extension/ consideration you need for your studies

Financial concerns:


Accommodation issues:

Prior to making your decision, you may wish to find out if your withdrawal has any impact on your accommodation contract. You may still be required to make payment in some cases

At UCLan we have various wellbeing services available to support you whatever your concern or problem may be - Disability Advisers, Pre-school and Multi-Faith Centre etc. Find out more about our drop-in services at the library.
A list of our student services can be found here

What is Withdrawal from Study?

Withdrawal from Study means that you are permanently discontinuing your course of study at UCLan with no current intention of resuming study at a later point in time. You can withdraw at any time however, you must let us know formally through completion of the Withdrawal from Study form, until that time you will remain enrolled and therefore liable for fees until your formal notification has been authorised. Retrospective requests will not normally be permitted.

Your date of withdrawal has an effect on the amount of tuition fees you will be liable to pay, you should refer to the Tuition Fee Policy which sets out non-completion charges which will be applied to students who do not complete the academic session. Tuition fee liability applies to students receiving a student finance or tuition fee loan as well as to students paying their own fees. Failure to inform of a withdrawal from study or late notification could result in the release of inappropriate funds to students which they are subsequently required to repay.

You should note that Withdrawal from Study will also affect your accommodation fees. Check what implications there may be: UCLan Halls - Speak to our Student Accommodation Service as soon as possible; Private Accommodation - Speak to the landlord/housing agency with whom you have your contract. The Students’ Union Advice Centre can provide further information on tenancy agreements and contracts.

International students on a Tier 4 visa will be required to leave the UK as leave to remain will be affected by a withdrawal, the University will withdraw its immigration sponsorship and will inform UKVI.

1. Complete the notification form

The student should submit a notification in writing on the Withdrawal from Study form:
Click here to download a form

2. Guidance

Students can obtain guidance on the application process from The <i>, CAS Hub or their Academic Advisor, Course Leader or Retention Lead – find out who your School Retention Lead is.

3. Complete the form

Students should fully complete the form with their personal information.

4. Visit The <i> and SU Advice Centre

Students are advised to seek information and guidance from the <i> on the financial implications of Withdrawing from study. The <i> will date stamp the form to indicate advice has been sought by the student. Students are also recommended to seek advice from the SU Advice Centre concerning benefit entitlement and Council tax exemptions where relevant. All Tier 4 International students must seek advice from the <i> concerning the immigration implications of their withdrawal from to study.

5. Take completed form to Retention Lead

Students should take the completed form to their Retention Lead – find out who your School Retention Lead is. The Retention Lead will check you have considered all the options available to you and can refer to relevant services for further support if appropriate. If a student decides it is in their best interests to withdraw from their studies the Retention Lead will provide academic advice regarding implications for the student and confirm with the student both the reasons for the withdrawal and ensure the accurate recording of the date of withdrawal.
If a student submits the form electronically, a meeting between the Retention Lead and the student could be held via Skype or telephone.

6. Take form to CAS Hub

Students must submit the completed, signed, and stamped “Withdrawal from Study” form to the reception desk within a CAS hub within three working days of the form being signed and completed by the Retention Lead. Students will be formally notified of the success of their application for a Withdrawal from Study within 3 working days of the submission of their form.


Always discuss the position with a tutor you feel comfortable talking to or Student Wellbeing Services first as there may be other options available. Independent Academic Advice can be sought through the Students’ Union Advice Centre.
Act quickly but please try not to make a hasty decision to withdraw from a course.
Click here to view the Withdrawal from Study leaflet.


Contact the CAS Support Hubs who can help support students through this process offering advice and guidance.
Contact The <i> to book an <i> appointment for any financial information and guidance or immigration advice.

Contact the Students’ Union advice centre regarding entitlement to council tax exemptions, benefits and more.