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English Language Workshops

English language workshops are themed, focusing on particular language skills that you will need to improve your writing and speaking in assignments.

There is no need to enrol or register! Attend as many of the sessions as you would like across the academic year.

Themes covered in the workshops include:


  • Reported speech

  • Using the passive to provide supporting evidence

Academic language

  • Using the passive to build an argument

  • What is a modal verb, and which ones are okay for academic writing?

  • Articles, and why we need them

  • Signposting ideas

  • Cohesive devices

  • Tense agreement

  • Rhetorical devices in writing


  • Functional language for politely agreeing and disagreeing

  • Functional language to persuade your audience

  • Taking turns politely

  • Answering questions politely


  • Introducing yourself and building rapport

  • Concluding and handling questions


Presenting findings

Making recommendations (for future research)


  • Why it's important and why you need it for referencing


  • How to avoid a run-on sentence
  • Common language mistakes in essays

Using sources appropriately

See the timetable for full details.

Workshop Timetable 2019/20

Workshops are 4-5.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the academic year (excluding reflection weeks and vacation periods).

Tuesday: Kirkham Building, Room 112 | Thursday: Media Factory, Room 320