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Personal Development Skills & Developing Your Resilience

As a member of UCLan, you have access to lots of things to help you with your current and future development as a student and professional. Alongside this, you can understand what learning style works best for you and build your resilience to dealing with difficult things.

UCLan has its very own Careers Team, who offer a one-stop service to help you progress to a successful future. As a member of UCLan you can take advantage of the guidance and expertise within the services offered by the team. Access and explore the CareerEDGE portal and the links to webpages which offer lots of opportunities to develop skills and attributes for your current and future career:

Work/Study/Life Balance

At UCLan, we value the importance of maintaining a work/study/life balance to keep you well and enable you to succeed in your studies, whilst maintaining the other priorities you have outside of the university. Sometimes you may have challenges that make it difficult to maintain this balance. We have put together some materials which you may find helpful.

  • The Wobbles. The Wobbles concept arose from thinking about the challenges students face at university. From managing money, to moving to a new place, to struggling with a work/life balance, and coping with stress and emotional wellbeing.
  • Oasis Multi-Faith Centre. To encourage people in the pursuit and development of their faith, and to promote understanding and respect amongst members of different faiths. We also offer a neutral space where the chaplaincy team offer pastoral and spiritual support for all, whether they have a faith allegiance or not.
  • Financial Management with Blackbullion. Blackbullion is a learning platform for people who want to gain control of their finances.
  • Budgeting Tips. Download the Financial Planner from The <i> and access other links to budget planning and useful tips on how to manage your money