Changing Course: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return to study?
If you have successfully completed an academic year or if you have failed some modules you may still be eligible to return and continue with your studies.

How do I return to study?
You should speak to your School Office and inform them you wish to return. Check they have up-to-date contact details to ensure you receive the relevant information to allow you to enrol.

I failed my course. Is it possible to start another course?
This may be possible. Refer to the Think you want to change course? page for advice and guidance.

I failed my course. Is it possible to re-take my failed year?
This may be possible – your tutor will be able to discuss the options open to you.

Could I transfer from part-time study to full-time study?
You may have undertaken part-time study to fit your studies around other commitments. If there has been a change in circumstances you may be able to transfer to full-time study. Speak to your Tutor/Course Leader or School Office to request this.

Could I transfer from full-time study to part-time study?
Yes. Combining full-time academic study with your home life could be too demanding but don’t feel like you have to withdraw. Changing to part-time study may be worth considering. As a part-time student you will study less than 4.5 modules per year. Speak to your Tutor/Course Leader or School Office to request this.

I would like to change my course and need to speak to someone about whether it is possible. Can someone help?
Yes of course, refer to the Think you want to change course? page for advice and guidance.

I need to talk to someone about financial support. Is this possible?
Yes. Contact the Student Financial Support Team. They provide general information and guidance on all aspects of student funding, referring students to specialist advisers where necessary. They are available on the Ground Floor of the Library and you can call them on 01772 89 2583 or email.

Is it possible to talk to someone about Career (Employability) options?
Yes. The Careers team are based in Foster Building: phone 01772 895858 email or visit the Careers site.

I am a disabled student and wish to change course – is this possible?
If you have declared your disability or wish to do so, you will receive help from the Disability Service. Visit their website.

I transferred to another Institution and it didn’t work out. Could I return to UCLan?
Yes. There are a number of reasons why you could have transferred and some students welcome the chance to re-enrol at UCLan. Contact Admissions to reapply.

I need Study Skills support. Can anyone help?
Yes. The University provides many initiatives to help with Study Skills. These range from drop-in sessions to study skills workshops. Email or visit for more info.

I withdrew from my course. Am I eligible to return?
Students may withdraw for a number of reasons. If it is more than a year since you withdrew from your course you can contact the Applicant Guidance Officer in Admissions on 01772 892416.