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Course Change

There are many reasons why you might be feeling like you want to change your course. Do think about your current situation and what you want to change. Remember you are not alone and there is plenty of support the University can offer to you. We want to help you make sure you are changing course for the right reasons.
‘Course Change’ is an approved change to your course of study.

Course Changes include:
- A change of course (i.e: changing studying on one course to another)
- A change of mode of study (e.g: permanent change from full time to part time study, not during a period of repeat study)
- A change of location of study (e.g: a move from the Preston campus to study the same course at the Burnley campus)
It is advised for you to talk to your current Course Leader, Academic Advisor or other Tutor you feel comfortable talking to. There may be options or support for your current course that may make you re-think your decision, such as:
- It could be that the course changes in subject content as it progresses.
- There may be a possibility to change modules you are currently studying to other modules or a different route on the course you may find more enjoyable.
- There may be further support with your work that a Tutor on the course can provide you.

We also have  Library and IT Training available to assist you in your studies or presentation skills.

You may only change or vary your course of study with the permission of the University. If you have not yet enrolled you should contact Admissions to request a change. If you have already enrolled you can apply to Change Course by completing this form:

If you are requesting to change to a new course, then you are advised to contact your current Course Leader for Academic advice and you will be able to view your Course Leaders contact details on Starfish. However, the Course Leader for the course you wish to change to, must approve the application.

It is important for you to remember that approval for a course change will depend on whether there are enough places on the course you wish to change to and whether you hold the relevant entry qualifications for that course. As well as this, the following conditions must be satisfied in order for the change to be approved:
- You must currently be registered on a course that you are able to progress on.

Please note that, if you have failed your current course and are required to withdraw; or have already voluntarily withdrawn from your course; or have completed an award (including an exit award) then you will be required to apply for the new course you wish to change to, through Admissions.

- You have gained credits that can be transferred to the new course; or
- support can be put in place for you to be able to catch up; or
- you are able to complete additional requirements to cover any missed teaching sessions and assessments; and
- you are not excluded from taking any modules on the new course which would have required satisfactory completion from previous modules on that course.

Depending on the timing of your request and whether the conditions above can be satisfied, you may be required to:
- Successfully complete the current Year of your course in order to start the next Year on the new course, or to
- end your current course and change to the new course at the beginning of the next semester or the next academic year. Where this is the case, you should seek approval for an Interruption to Study.

Want to see what other courses UCLan offer?

Search through our list of UCLan courses. You can also speak to Course Leaders and Admissions Tutors, to find out more about course content and entry requirements. For details of Course Leaders and Admissions Tutors, contact The <i> or your CAS Hub or simply check Starfish.
Visit UCLan Careers to confirm which courses will meet your needs in terms of your career aspirations.

If you are an International Student, a change of course is likely to mean you will need to renew your visa. Where this is the case, the visa application will normally need to take place outside of the UK.

Potential implications to consider when changing course:

  • Student Finance, including both Tuition Fees & Funding

  • Possible Interruption to Study if a Course Change is not immediate

  • International (Non UK/EU) Student Tier 4 implications

  • What has already been studied/achieved – is there anything previously studied in modules or Academic years that is relevant to the new course, meaning a particular entry level.

To talk through the potential implications of Course Change contact The <i> or your CAS Hub.

Course Change Process

1. Make sure you have read details above and/or contacted the CAS Hub or The <i> for information on how to Change Course and the implications.

2. Arrange a meeting with your current Course Leader/Academic Advisor to discuss the transfer.

3. Arrange a meeting with the Course Leader of the course you want to change to. Details of Course Leaders can be obtained from the CAS Hub or The <i> Student Information Centre.

The meeting will be to:

  • Discuss your qualifications, your modules or years previously studied on your current course

  • Discuss any relevant skills you have already acquired

  • Confirm if the transfer can be approved

  • Discuss a catch-up plan regarding work

Your new Course Leader will begin completing the relevant paperwork if the course transfer is approved. To talk about the implications of the transfer on Fees, Finance, International Student Visas and any potential Interruption to Study, contact The <i> Student Information Centre.

4. If the Course Change is approved, confirm this to your current Course Leader/Academic Advisor.

5. Meet again with your new Course Leader to follow up on the catch-up plan and confirm your new timetable.

Changing Modules

Once you have registered on a module this forms part of your student record, from which your assessment record is derived. If you wish to change a particular module, you must complete a Module Registration Options form obtainable from your CAS Hub.
This must be authorised/signed by the tutors of the modules you are changing from and to. Addition of a module may not be possible if the module is already several weeks underway.


At UCLan we have various wellbeing services available to support you whatever your concern or problem may be – Disability Advisors, Library Drop In Support, Pre-School and Multi-Faith Centre etc. For any other issues or concerns that are making you consider leaving study, speak to The <i>.
If you are a Postgraduate Research Student, you should view advice regarding PGR Withdrawals from Study.


Contact the CAS Hubs who can help support students through this process offering advice and guidance.
Contact The <i> to book an <i> appointment for any financial information and guidance or immigration advice.
Contact the Students’ Union advice centre regarding entitlement to council tax exemptions, benefits and more.