Change your Course


Are you thinking of changing your course?

Firstly, don’t worry!

The <i> Student Information Centre can provide you with practical and easy to follow advice to help you make the right choices if you’re feeling unsure about your current course.

Help us to help you!

There’s lots of reasons why you might be feeling like this so it’s valuable if you have a think about your current situation and what you want to change. Remember you’re not alone – there’s lots of support we can offer you.

Finally, act fast!

If you’re going to change course it’s usually easier to do so within the first semester and preferably early on. Whilst you’re still deciding, we advise that you continue to attend your course – if you plan to stay then you want to be doing as well as possible and if you choose to change you may need a reference from your current Tutor(s) and/or you may be able to transfer credit from your current course to the new one.

Before you make your decision

Take a look through our short guide which details what to consider before making your decision to change course. This also includes the potential implications of changing course including tuition fees, financial, international student visa and possible interruption to study.


Certain you want to change?

  • Step 1. Print/download this change your course form (UG and PG taught students only) and arrange a meeting with your current Course Leader/Academic Advisor to discuss the transfer.
  • Step 2. Arrange a meeting with the Course Leader of the course you want to change to. Details of Course Leaders can be obtained from The <i> Student Information Centre.
    The meeting will be to:
    - Discuss your qualifications, your modules or years previously studied on your current course,
    - Discuss any relevant skills you have already acquired
    - Confirm if the transfer can be approved.
    - Discuss a catch-up plan regarding work.
    Your new Course Leader will begin completing the relevant paperwork if the course transfer is approved. To talk about the implications of the transfer on fees, finance, international student visas and any potential interruption to study, contact The <i> Student Information Centre
  • Step 3. If the transfer is approved, confirm this to your current Course Leader/Academic Advisor.
  • Step 4. Meet again with your new Course Leader to follow up on the catch-up plan and obtain a new timetable. 
  • Step 5. Your student record will be updated to reflect the new course. If you are receiving funding from Student Finance England, they will be informed of the change of circumstances. If you are an international (non UK/EU) student, the Home Office will be informed of the change of circumstances.