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Student Services Resources

Starting University can be a life changing experience where you will make new friends and learn new skills. As you will be studying with us for several years, you are bound to experience some challenges along the way, often not even related to your studies. The Student Services Resource Centre provides key advice and support on managing your money, dealing with homesickness, being a carer, estranged student or care leaver, LGBT+, exam stress, anxiety, sexual assault, domestic violence, homelessness and much more.


Living at UCLan offers you a guarantee of value for money accommodation, a safe and comfortable living environment and a vibrant and inclusive halls community.

Worried about your finances? Wondering what support is available? Our supportive team are here to help you navigate your way through your university journey.

The Security Team watch over the UCLan campus to make it a safe place for all students. We are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We offer a range of support to assist you in overcoming any barriers during your learning journey and to fulfil your potential.

We are the student information and support centre. Our aim is to provide a high quality information and support service, which is accessible to all.

We help you progress to a successful future. Whatever stage of studies you are at, or whatever career you aspire to, we can help, guide and advise you.

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Student Health Guide

The Student Health Guide is written by students, for students, and is all about making the most of your time at university, having fun while staying safe and healthy. Find out more about how to get fit, take control of your mental health, stay safe on campus and make new friends. The Student Health Guide has great advice about sexual health, healthy eating, and going out and enjoying yourself while studying at UCLan. If you are worrying about anything, UCLan has a great support system, and we can help with many issues including homesickness, money worries and stress. Read the Student Health Guide and see what UCLan has to offer, and how to make the most of your time at uni.

Further Resources

Know Before You Go is an e-resource that is intended for Year 12-13 students, and the educators who support you, as you transition from school/college to university. University can be a very exciting time in your life, but it can also be a big change from school or college. It is normal to face challenges as you transition from one part of your life to another. By knowing what to expect and having a resource to help you navigate the ups and downs, you’re setting yourself up for success over the next several years. Know Before You Go contains information on many topics including paying bills, study skills, housemate issues, identity questions and embedded throughout is how to maintain good mental health and seek help as needed.

Transitions is a guide for students already at university. This resource is here to help you be successful on campus, focusing on time management, relationships, identity, finances, sexual activity, mental illness, suicide and addictions and more. It also includes tips and strategies for helping students through challenging times and recommendations of where to go to get additional help, if needed.

Report & Support UCLan has a zero tolerance approach to harassment, hate crime, bullying and sexual assault. All staff, students, and visitors to our campus can report something anonymously or get support from an adviser. The Report & Support website offers a range of support resources, and the opportunity to report something to an advisor, or report something anonymously.

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