URIP Frequently asked questions

Q. When can I apply to be a research intern?

The advertisements for student applications usually comes out in March / April and closes in May each year. Students are interviewed throughout May.

Q. Where do you advertise the scheme?

The scheme is advertised on our website, on the student AU lookout, on screen savers and plasma screens, posters around campus and through members of staff

Q. How do I apply?

To apply you need to fill in the online application form on the how to apply page.

Q. Can I apply to this scheme if I am a postgraduate student? (i.e. completing a Masters or PhD)

No. This scheme is restricted to current undergraduate students

Q. Can I apply to this scheme if I am a final year undergraduate student?

Yes. If you graduate this year you are still eligible to apply

Q. Do I have to be a student at UCLan in order to apply?

Yes. Only current UCLan students are eligible or students from partner colleges on a course which is accredited by UCLan.

Q. How will I be paid?  And will it be subject to tax?

You will be paid minimum wage. This will be paid in two instalments (end of month in July and August). This may be subject to tax depending on your circumstances.

Q. Who do I ask to find out more information?

If you want to find out more about an individual project you should contact the member of staff responsible for running that project. General queries should be directed to UURIP@uclan.ac.uk

Q. When will I find out if my application has been successful?

All students will be informed if they have successfully progressed to the next stage in the application procedure or not in May.

Q. I am planning to go on holiday over the summer, will this affect my application?

Possibly. Students will be paid for 8 weeks work in total.  They will accrue some holiday leave but no more than a maximum of 4 days (depending on project length). Other time can be made back up either at the start or the end of the internship, if the members of staff working on the project agree. A two week break in the middle of the internship may be impractical and difficult to make back up. Students are advised to clearly state any holiday plans in their application.

Q. Is it OK to apply for an internship in a different school?

Yes. As long as you meet the essential criteria for the project you are welcome to apply for it.

Q. What if I have a part time job already? Can I still apply to be an intern?

The internship scheme is a full time commitment over the summer months, however the actual hours of working can be negotiated between the member of staff running the project and the student intern. A weekend or evening job probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Q. Can I apply for more than one project?

Yes, you can apply for up to three projects.

Q. Will I be supported?

Yes. You will be given a starter pack and you will work closely with the lead researcher.

Q. What will I get out of this?

It's not just about the pay -- this is a brilliant opportunity to be part of the work that the University does when it is not teaching students, helping UCLan staff to push forward the frontiers of knowledge in their discipline. Your work won't just inform future teaching at UCLan, but at Universities and schools all round the world. Many of the projects will lead to publication. When you go to your future employers, you will be able to say 'I didn't just learn this and that, I helped to make that knowledge possible.' As a research intern, you will see another side of your subject and another side of the work that your lecturers and professors do all the time.

Q. Do I have to attend the poster exhibition?

Yes. You will need to produce a poster and attend the poster exhibition in October, it forms part of your contract as an intern, it's a great opportunity to show off the work you have been doing, in addition to being something you can put on your CV. The winners get prizes and outstanding students can get the opportunity to present their work at other international conferences.