Important Assessment Information for Students

Semester Two

When will I find out my results?

Your overall result for the year will be available for you to view via myUCLan from early June.

Who decides if I have passed?

For each module you have taken, there is a Module Assessment Board consisting of the Head of School and academic members of staff. The Board will look at your performance in each piece of assessment and determine your final mark for the module.

When all the Module Boards have taken place, there is a meeting of the Course Assessment Board. The Course Board looks at your performance in all of your modules and determines your overall result for the year.

What happens if I fail one of my modules?

If you fail a module, the Module Assessment Board may recommend that you undertake reassessment. However, the final decision on reassessment lies with the Course Assessment Board.

The Course Board may decide not to offer reassessment if:

1. You have successfully passed all of your other modules and your module mark is above the threshold mark of 30% for undergraduate modules (Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6) or 45% for modules at Level 7. The Course Board may decide to compensate the module which means that although you have failed to satisfy some element of assessment, you are nevertheless recommended for progression or award on the grounds that your failure is marginal or is offset by good performance in other components of your programme.

2. You have failed a number of other modules and the Course Board has decided that there is too much work for you to successfully repair at this time and that an alternative course of action would be more appropriate. For example, you might need to retake the whole module next year. In a small number of cases, the Course Board may decide that a student must withdraw from the programme due to the level of failure.

When will I find out if I have failed a module?

You will be able to see your module grades on myUCLan from early June. However, if you have failed any of your modules, you may receive an early email notification on 1 June so that you can start to prepare for reassessment.

How will I find out what reassessment I am required to undertake?

Your module tutor will be able to provide advice from early June. If you have to complete an assignment, the details will be available on Blackboard. If you are required to resit an examination, you will be able to view the date of your exam from mid June. Resit exams will take place at the end of June.

I’ve received an email telling me I have failed a module. Can I appeal against this result?

You will find detailed information about the Academic Appeals process here.  You may only submit an appeal after 9 June when you receive the results from the Course Board on myUCLan.

I’ve undertaken reassessment. When will I find out if I have passed?

If you are a finalist, your result will be published via myUCLan from early July. If you are successful and have already booked to attend Graduation, you will be able to attend your ceremony.

If you are at an intermediate stage of study, your results will be published via myUCLan  mid-July.

Where I can get more advice?

Your Module Tutor and CAS Hub will be able to assist if you need any further assistance or advice with regard to reassessment. The Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre can also provide support.