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Have you discovered the MyWellness app yet?

Now we’re back in lockdown, and without the sunny days of the last lockdown, keeping fit is a lot harder, especially if you are also juggling home-schooling or caring for someone else.
But being active every day is important not just for our physical health, but our mental wellbeing too. Doing exercise is a good way to switch off from work or stressful situations for a short time, helps reduce blood pressure, and helps us sleep better; something that according to research people struggle with during lockdowns.

One great way of keeping fit is using the free MyWellness app which all colleagues and students can use to access fitness and wellbeing content produced by Technogym professionals and our in-house sports and fitness team.

Through the app you can access workout and wellbeing sessions, either live, or at a time that suits you, so you never need to miss out if you can’t make a class. You can also ask questions of our trainers and receive support with your wellbeing or fitness goals and take part in individual or team challenges.

Over time more and more content will be added, and the content will reflect real-life, giving you top tips on how to improve your wellbeing, plus content that you can access at home, the park and gardens. We will provide content that is welcoming, non-threatening and inclusive that brings people together whatever your level of fitness.

In February we will be using the app to support the BRIT Challenge (previously Row Britannia) which is a national university challenge to encourage exercise to promote wellbeing and positive mental health. This year the challenge will be extended so it won’t just be about rowing and will focus on things everyone can do from home. And there won’t be a fundraising element this year either, instead the ask is very simple – let’s all move more and see the benefit that it has on our mental health. More information will be coming about the BRIT Challenge in the next few weeks.

What is a 'move'?

It is a measure of activity that was designed by technology that tries to fairly compare different types of movement and activities, that takes into account the duration and intensity of the activity involved - the more intensely you move and the longer you move for, the more Moves you get.

How do I get started?

If you’re looking to start a new habit in January, then why not create a MyWellness account, download the MyWellness app and see what it can do for you.moves challenge It’s completely free, register for your account here:  

Then download the app:

And if there is any content or functionality you’d like to see on the app, drop us a line and we will see what we can do

All the best,
UCLan Sports team

If you have any issues, view our FAQs about the app

The BBC has a range of resources available for free - have a look at Your Mental Health Toolkit

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