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UCLan Financial Support

How can we help?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, have an unexpected or exceptional financial need or are in one of our priority groups for support, you may eligible for a non-repayable grant or bursary to help towards your costs.

The types of support we offer are listed below. Links to the applications forms and further information about eligibility can be found by clicking on each different support type.

(Please note that we have made some changes to the application process since last academic year and you must submit a separate application for the Hardship Fund, Carer’s Bursary, Estrangement/VYP Bursary and Dependants Bursary.)

Applications to the Harris Bursary are now integrated with applications to the Hardship Fund.


Types of support available:

Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund (formerly known as the Access to Learning Fund) is a grant distributed by the University for students who cannot afford to cover their basic costs whilst studying.

Overseas Student Hardship Fund

A fund which is available for international and EU students who have experienced an unexpected financial emergency.

Student Carer’s Bursary

Students who declare their caring responsibilities to Student Services may receive additional financial support.

Vulnerable Young Person/Estranged Student Bursary

Students under the age of 25, who are recognised as independent or estranged by the Student Loans Company may receive additional financial support.

Dependants Bursary

Students with children who receive maximum benefit support may be entitled to additional financial support.

Harris Bursary Fund

The Harris Bursary is run by a charity and aims to support students who require support to aid their studies, including course-related enrichment activities, equipment, materials or living costs.

Financial Capability

Develop your financial skills for life and learn how to better manage your money with Blackbullion.

Independent Financial Advice

Access independent financial advice including information about debt and welfare benefits.

Complex Funding Queries

Information and support from experienced advisors about your funding and help with complex queries.


Supporting Evidence

You may be asked to provide supporting evidence of your income and expenditure as part of the process of applying for Financial Support. The evidence we require will depend on your circumstances.

If applying for a bursary you will need to upload evidence as part of your application. Students applying for the Hardship fund will be provided an evidence list once an advisor has reviewed their initial application.

Please see our Supporting Evidence webpages for more information about the types of evidence that we may ask you to provide. If you need immediate financial support, please apply for a Short Term Loan or contact the <i> for information and guidance.

For Financial Support Enquiries:
Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: