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UCLan Financial Support

We are making some changes to make it easier for UCLan students to seek additional Financial Support.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, have an unexpected or exceptional financial need or are in one of our priority groups for support, you may eligible for a non-repayable grant or bursary to help towards your costs.

There are also non-monetary support services available such as online financial capability courses to help with budgeting, financial advice for debts and benefits from our Student Union Advice and Representation Centre and help from our experienced team in resolving complex funding queries.

If you need any immediate financial support, you will still be able to apply for a Short Term Loan if required.

How do I apply for Financial Support?

- You can apply for financial support from 7 October 2019
- A member of our team will then contact you within 10 working days to offer you a triage appointment at a time that is convenient for you.
- During the appointment, you will be able to discuss your circumstances with a member of the team. The advisor will then make recommendations based on your circumstances and will advise you on the specific types of support that we can offer.
- At the end of the appointment, you will be notified of the evidence that we require from you. We will agree a date for you to provide the evidence so that we can process your application for any additional financial support that we have recommended for you (Please note that if evidence is not received within the agreed period of time and we don’t hear from you, applications will be closed. Any students still seeking financial support at this time, will need to reapply for financial support).

Types of support available:

Access to Learning Fund

The Access to Learning Fund is a grant distributed by the University for students faced with financial hardship.

Student Carer’s Bursary

Students who declare their caring responsibilities to Student Services can receive additional financial support.

Vulnerable Young Person/Estranged Student Bursary

Students under the age of 25, who are recognised as independent or estranged can receive additional financial support.

Dependents Bursary

Students with children, who receive maximum benefit support, may be entitled to additional financial support.

Harris Bursary Fund

The Harris Bursary is aimed at students who require support to fund studies, including course-related enrichment activities, equipment, materials or living costs.

Financial Capability

Develop your financial skills for life and learn how to better manage your money.

Independent Financial Advice

Independent financial advice including information about debt and welfare benefits.

Funding Support

Information and support from experienced advisors about your funding and help with complex queries.

Supporting Evidence

You may be asked to provide supporting evidence of your income and expenditure as part of the process of applying for Financial Support. The evidence we ask for is dependent upon your circumstances.
After you have applied for Financial Support, you will be contacted by an adviser who will tell you what evidence you will need to supply to be considered for any monetary support from UCLan. You will have the chance to ask questions about what evidence we need and will receive emailed confirmation for you to refer back to.

For Financial Support Enquiries:
Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: