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Paying Your Fees

This guide to Paying your Fees has been complied by the University’s Customer Accounts Team in Financial Services to provide information on how to pay your own tuition fees whilst you study here at UCLan and who to contact if you require assistance. It details the fee payment options available to self-funding students and also signposts students to sources of further information on student funding that may be available to them. The University has developed a separate guide for fees and finance whilst you are studying at UCLan which provides detailed information on the University’s fee rates, discounts and bursary schemes

Important Information

  • Instalment arrangements are only available for fees in excess of £400 for UK students.
  • Instalment arrangements for full-time International students are only available where the tuition fees for the academic year exceed £5,500.
  • These options apply to self-paying students only. Where a sponsor is paying on behalf of the student, the terms are due and payable upon date of invoice.
  • Instalment arrangements are not available for those studying short courses. 
  • Fees can be paid online by credit or debit card.

Funding your tuition fees and invoicing

Most full-time and part-time UK and EU undergraduate students will be able to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to fund their university tuition fees, although the exact details of the scheme do differ for UK students dependent upon their country of domicile (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). Once the fee loan is approved and the declaration returned to Student Finance, your fees are paid directly to the University by Student Finance in three staged instalments through the academic year, subject to confirmation of attendance.

Note that if you have had previous university or equivalent study, this may affect upon your eligibility for a Tuition Fee Loan. If you are not eligible for a fee loan for one or more years of your study you will be expected to pay your fees directly to UCLan as you learn.

New postgraduate students in the UK and EU will be able to apply for a Postgraduate Student loan. These are available for both. Masters and Doctoral degrees. The loans are designed to assist with the costs incurred by students while undertaking their course and are paid directly to the student. Students who take out a Postgraduate loan, will still be responsible for paying tuition fees due to the University directly as they study and may wish to allocate all or part of their loan funds to pay the tuition fees accordingly. Please see the relevant section below for the options available to pay your fees to UCLan as a postgraduate student.

There are also private loan providers that may offer loan finance for higher education such as Future Finance.

If you are paying your own fees, or where funding is being provided by means of sponsorship, loan etc., but this source of funding has yet to be confirmed, you will be sent a tuition fee invoice in the first semester. The invoice includes details of the fees charged, payment dates and details of how to make your payments to UCLan. You are responsible for making sure that fee payments are made on or before the instalment dates, which should be listed on your invoice. If you consider that you should not have received an invoice or that the fees charged are incorrect, please contact the Student Fees and Funding Team in the first instance.

It is important that you keep your contact information such as address, phone number and e-mail address current through the MyUCLan interface. You can access details of outstanding fees in MyUCLan by checking your financial details. You can do this by logging in to MyUCLan, clicking Services for Students and then follow the Financial Details link.

The various fee payment options for the different student categories are listed below, but please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Customer Accounts team if you require any assistance or further information on paying your fees at UCLan.


Instalment Options

There are a range of different instalment options, depending on your student status:

  • Full-time UK Undergraduate Students
  • Part-time UK Undergraduate Students
  • Full-time-UK Postgraduate Students
  • Part-time UK Postgraduate Students
  • UK Distance Learning Students
  • International Students

Please visit our main Paying your Fees page for all the instalment options.

Letters of Sponsorship

If you have an employer/sponsor who is paying your tuition fees you will need to provide via email a letter from your employer/sponsor detailing where the invoice should go. This letter should include your University Registration Number, which typically starts 'G20…'

Please ensure any purchase order number or other relevant reference is included. The sponsor will be expected to make payment upon receipt of invoice.

Sponsor letters should be emailed to the Student Fees and Funding Team. If a sponsor letter is not received before billing begins students will receive an invoice directly in the first instance.

Making a Payment

There are 3 different ways to make a payment:

1) Payment by Flywire (payment for all international student fees)

2) Payment online by debit or credit card

3) Payment by bank transfer - When making a payment please ensure your student registration number (this usually is an 8-digit number preceded by the letter G and can be found on your ID card, offer letter etc.) is quoted.
For reference, the University bank details are:
Bank: Barclays Bank PLC,
38 Fishergate,
Sort code: 20-69-93
Account number: 20560332
IBAN: GB65BARC20699320560332
Swift: BARCGB22


What happens if you fall into arrears?

The University expects any tuition fees due to be paid promptly in accordance with the fee payment options listed above and upon your invoice. Wherever possible you will be sent a prompt by email ahead of the due date to remind you to make your payment on time.

The University will send you further reminders by email and post if any of your payments become overdue. It is important that you check your UCLan email account for messages and reminders from Finance. Please contact the Customer Accounts team as soon as possible to discuss any fee payment difficulties you may encounter and they will try to assist you.

If tuition fees remain unpaid and overdue there are a number of sanctions the University may consider implementing, including the following:

a) Withdrawal of University library and computing facilities;
b) Termination of enrolment and withdrawal from the University;
c) Withholding certified transcript
d) Refusal to re-enrol
e) Withholding final award certificate
f) Denial of attendance at awards ceremonies
g) Withholding of Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS)
h) Include relevant details in any reference provided to a third party

None of these are courses of action that are taken lightly and we understand that students may have financial difficulties from time to time. You will be given 7 days’ notice by email to your UCLan email address before your network access is locked, to try and reach a resolution before any action is implemented.

Staff members in the Financial Services Customer Accounts team are available to offer help and guidance to students in meeting their fee payment obligations to the University.

Students requiring guidance and support on a wider range of student finance issues can seek assistance from The I, based in the Library, or the Student Union who have a specialist Student Union Advice and Representation Centre on campus.

Tuition fee policy

The University's Tuition Fee Policy outlines the prevailing full terms and conditions for students in relation to the Tuition fee charges following enrolment on a University programme.