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Opening a Bank Account

What services might you need?

Cash card - to access money from automated cash machines.
Debit card - no need to carry large amounts of cash.
Combined card - a cheque guarantee, cash and debit card in one.

Open two accounts

Considering which type of account to open? It may be beneficial to have two accounts:

A current account - easily accessible
A savings account - allowing your money to gather interest.
If your current account runs low, you can transfer money from your savings account. Having two accounts will help you to budget and keep track of your finances.

Think Ahead

Save some time by opening a bank account before you come to University.

Interest rates

Interest rates on overdraft facilities vary from one bank to another. Do your research beforehand. Current Accounts generally offer smaller rates of interest on the amount in your account. Shop around for the best rates.
Savings Accounts pay higher rates of interest than current accounts but may not offer the same services. Some limit the number of occasions you can withdraw money within a certain period. This may be an advantage if you are tempted to spend money you haven't budgeted for!

Shop around

Make sure you select an account that offers the services you need. Don't be taken in by a give-away - it's no good getting a free mobile phone if the account isn't suitable for you. Most banks will offer a specific student account usually with an interest-free overdraft up to an agreed amount.
Banks often offer attractive accounts to graduates in an attempt to secure them as long-term customers.

Bank and Building Society websites

Find out about opening a bank/building account from:

For Financial Support Enquiries:

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