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Criteria & application process

The Bursary is aimed at able students who require support to fund studies, including course-related enrichment activities, equipment, materials or living costs. This will usually take the form of “in kind” support such as equipment and food or book vouchers.


1. Applicants must be UCLan students enrolled on a full time or part time undergraduate or postgraduate programme at one of the UCLan campuses.
2. Applicants must be classed as Home (UK) students.
3. Applicants must have applied to the Access to Learning Fund, where appropriate.
4. Applicants must submit a written proposal for consideration by the Awards Panel.
5. Applicants must have valid reasons if repeating a year of study.
6. Students in any year of their full or part time undergraduate or postgraduate study will be eligible to apply.
7. Only one application per applicant in any one academic year will be allowed.
8. Applicants must be in good standing with the University.
9. Successful applicants must agree to contribute to activities designed to raise the profile of the Bursary fund and to thank donors.

Students will be invited in the first instance to apply through normal routes for Access to Learning (ALF) Fund. The ALF team will identify and shortlist students for the Harris Bursary Fund, who may or may not also be in receipt of ALF.

These students will be invited to submit a written request for a Bursary to the Director of Student and Academic Support Services.

The panel usually meet twice a year, to be considered we recommend you apply for the Access to Learning Fund as soon as possible.

If you are a student and would like to find out if you are eligible for help from the Harris Bursary Fund you firstly need to apply to the Access to Learning Fund (ALF).  If you meet the eligibility criteria the ALF team will recommend your case to the Awards Committee.

Applications for the Access to Learning Fund Grant can be found on our 'Forms and Guides' section of the ALF webpages. 

For Financial Support Enquiries:

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